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flyer for Portuguese Conversation Table Spring 21

Portuguese Conversation Table

Mondays @5pm (Central)

The activities are back in person for Spring 22

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Música Brasileira & Política

The Portuguese program will host a workshop about Brazilian Music and Politics on November 18, 2020 at 5pm (Central).
In this introductory workshop, graduate student Elizabeth Issert, and Assist. Instr. Prof. Juliano Saccomani will discuss the different takes that Brazilian popular musicians have taken to discuss political issues in different points of the history of the country.
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Cooking Class

Oct 21, 2020

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MOSTRA Brazilian Film Festival

MOSTRA Brazilian Film Festival is a nonprofit organization that features Brazilian films focusing on the country’s art, culture, environmental matters, social issues and history through themes with social conscience.
It will take place virtually from November 4-14 this year, where we will be showing 10 feature films, 11 short movies, and hosting live talks with the directors. Admission will be free with a recommended donation of around $2.00 due to added technical fees this year.

Baianas de Acarajé as Agents of Resistance

First coined by Alfred Crosby in 1972, the term “Columbian Exchange” refers to the collision of the Old World (Eurasia, Africa) and the New World (the Americas) catalyzed by Columbus’ arrival in the Americas in 1492, with a focus on the ecological implications of this...

O Menino e o Palhaço

Leo era um garoto bastante introvertido. Com os pais falecidos aos nove anos de idade, aos onze vivia no Orfanato Santa Clara, onde constantemente era vítima de bullying, ataques físicos e humilhações por parte dos colegas de orfanato, com conivência das freiras que...

Maria Altamira

Maria Altamira

This piece was written by Noelani Bernal after reading the novel "Maria Altamira" in PORT297, taught by Ana Lima.Entre todos os textos que a gente leu este trimestre, eu gostei mais do livro Maria Altamira por Maria José Silveira. Acho que a autora conta a história da...

Ritorno a casa?

Ritorno a casa?

La vita degli italo-brasiliani residenti in ItaliaThis piece was developed as a result of several discussions held in ITAL204, Corso di Perfezionamento, taught by Dr. Sara DallavalleL’immigrazione di migliaia di italiani in Brasile è risultata nella creazione di una...