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Stay tuned for the Francophone Youth Theatre annual festival, hosted by UChicago and scheduled for Winter 2023. More information forthcoming.

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La Journée Intensive en français

La Journée Intensive en Français

La Journée Intensive en Français is the Chicago area’s only annual French immersion day for high school students. Held on a Saturday in late winter, it’s sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, Chicago/Northern Illinois Chapter, and, since 2021, hosted by UChicago. Unfortunately we’ve had to take a rain check in 2022. Please check back: we hope to resume in person in 2023.

Summer French Courses

Offered through UChicago’s Summer Language Institute, Summer Elementary French is an eight-week course that helps students with no prior French build a solid foundation in the basic patterns of written and spoken French and their use in everyday communication. It’s the equivalent of FREN 101-102-103 and fulfills the College’s language requirement for UChicago students.  For further information see this link about the Summer Elementary French Course.

The College’s nine-week Summer Paris: Intermediate French program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to study French language, history, and culture at an intermediate level in the political and cultural capital of France.

The Paris: Intermediate French program allows students to complete the second-year French language sequence over the course of the summer in an immersive French environment. Students enroll in three classes – FREN 20100, FREN 20200, FREN 20300 – that will advance them into higher-level French coursework.

In addition to classroom instruction, the program features a number of excursions to sites of considerable historic and cultural interest both within and in the vicinity of Paris. The French capital and its environs offer numerous opportunities to connect readings, discussions, and lectures with France’s past and present, and it is assumed that students will use their free time to explore this remarkable city apart from program-organized outings.


Students who complete the intermediate sequence may wish to extend their stay for the September 2022 Paris course “Versailles: Art, Power, and Resistance,” taught by Larry F. Norman, Frank L. Sulzberger Distinguished Service Professor in Romance Languages and Literatures, Theater and Performance Studies, Fundamentals, and the College; Romance Languages and Literatures Department Chair.

The course will be taught in English, with an option for advanced French students to engage in French coursework through the Languages Across the Curriculum initiative.


The application deadline is February 14, 2022. For more information contact coordinator Kylie Poulin ( or see this link

Haitian Arts

Haitian Arts

As part of our course “Francophone Caribbean Culture and Society: Art, Music, and Cinema”, we dived into the rich history of Haitian art. Today, Haitian art is not only a powerful vehicle for expression and communication, but also a source of inspiration for Haiti’s...

Explorations francophones

This series of haikus was written by Sylvie Goutas’ FREN 205 students in the Autumn Quarter 2021. The writing process started during a French creative writing workshop that focused on Francophonie. Each student was offered to explore a francophone country of their...

Immersive Reality by Nicole Mills

Immersive Reality by Nicole Mills

The concept of vision is described as “the sensory experience of a future goal state” (Dörnyei & Chan, p. 455). When foreign language students envision their future goals, they create vivid mental representations of “what success looks like and feels like” (Levin,...

Atelier cuisine avec Prof Rebecca

Atelier cuisine avec Prof Rebecca

Rendez-vous le dimanche 14 février à 14h pour un atelier cuisine avec Prof Rebecca! 🤩👩🏼‍🍳Au programme: gâteau au yaourt, une recette super facile à faire et délicieuse 😋. Mark your calendars, Sunday February 14th @ 2pm, join us for a French cook along with Prof...