11/2 Liran Yadgar: “The Preacher and the Jews: The View from the Maghrib”




Eugène Delacroix, “Seated Arab, a Chalk Drawing with Watercolour” (1832)


Liran Yadgar, Phd candidate at department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, UChicago, will present part of his dissertation, which is focused on Jewish-Muslim relations in the Later Middle Period (1200-1500 C.E.). The paper will discuss the contents and the historical background of an anti-Jewish polemical treatise, Risala fi al-Yahud, written around 1492 by a Maliki preacher from Tlemcen. Mohamad Ballan, PhD candiate at the History department, UChicago, will respond.

Please email owerdiger@uchicago.edu to receive the paper in advance. In addition, please download this Fatwa dealing with Jews and houses of prayer.

Swift 406. 1:30-3:00 pm. Tea and coffee for everyone.