Winter 2017 Schedule

January 23, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Grace Overbeke (PhD Candidate, Theatre and Drama, Northwestern): “Jean Caroll and the Beginning of Jewish Female Standup Comedians.”

February 6, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Erik Dreff (PhD Candidate, Divinity): “Ethics, Religion, and the Intellectual Love of God in Spinoza.” 

February 13, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Matthew Katz (MDiv Student, Divinity): “The Chofetz Chaim and 21st Century Law and Ethics.”

February 27, 5-6:30 PM, Pick 319: Benny Bar-Lavi (PhD Student, History): Title”Joseph López’s ‘El Mantenedor’: Heresy, Enlightenment, and Interreligious Appropriation in eighteenth-century Sephardi AmsterdamCo-sponsored by the Early Modern Workshop.

March 6, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 130: *Guest Speaker* Dr. Rachel Seelig (Institute Fellow, Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Michigan): “Strangers in Berlin: Modern Jewish Literature between East and West, 1919-1933.” Co-sponsored by the History of Judaism Club. 

Fall 2016 Schedule

September 26, 6-7:30 PM: Welcome Dinner at the home of Professor Paul Mendes-Flohr. Please RSVP by September 23rd to Anna Band ( and David Cohen ( for the address.

October 10, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Erik Dreff (PhD Candidate, Divinity): “The Psychology of the Intellectual Love of God in Spinoza.”

October 31, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 130: *Guest Speaker* Professor Shachar Pinsker (Professor of Hebrew Literature and Culture, University of Michigan): “A Rich Brew: Urban Cafes and Modern Jewish Culture.” Co-sponsored by the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies (CCJS) and the History of Judaism Club. 

November 7, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Matthew Johnson (PhD Student, German): “A tsveyter: Paul Celan in Yiddish.” Respondent: Kirsten Collins (MA Student, Divinity).

November 14, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Visiting Professor Guy Stroumsa (Professor of Comparative Religion, Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “Beyond Utopia: Avatars of the Promised Land — A Comparative Reflection on the History of the Concept of the Holy Land in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” Co-sponsored by the Philosophy of Religions Workshop. 

November 21, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 148: Yoni Shemesh (PhD Student, Divinity): “Narboni on Maimonides’ Classification of Evil and Job’s Attainment.”

November 28, 4:30-6 PM, Harper 130: Visiting Professor Sarah Stroumsa (Professor of Arabic Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “The Literary Genizot: A Window to a Mediterranean Republic of Letters.” Co-sponsored by the Middle East History and Theory (MEHAT) Workshop and the Islamic Studies Workshop.

Spring 2016 Schedule

*Wednesday, March 30, 5-6:30 pm: Katerina Capkova, “Kehile or Club? Being Jewish in Communist Poland and Czechoslovakia” (224 SSD [John Hope Franklin room], co-sponsored with Modern Europe workshop)

Monday, April 11, 4:30-6: Benny Bar-Lavi (PhD Student, History), “Judaizing Machiavelli: anti-Judaism in the Spanish anti-Machiavellian tradition of the 16th and 17th centuries”
*Wednesday, April 13: AAJR at UChicago
Monday, April 18, 4:30-6: David Cohen (MA Student, Div School), “Yitzhak Ibn- Latif: A Mystical Philosopher or a Philosophical Mystic? A Commentary on Tzror Ha’Mor Chapter five”
Monday, May 2: Tzvi Schoenberg (MA Student, Div School), TBA
*Thursday, May 5, 5-6:20 pm: Sam Shonkoff (PhD Student, Div School), “Sacramental Existence and Embodied Theology in Buber’s Representation of Hasidism” (Swift 208, co-sponsored with the Theology and Religious Ethics Workshop)
*Wednesday, May 11, 5-6:30 pm: Leora Auslander (Professor, History), “Jews at Home in Paris and Berlin, 1918-1933/40”, (224 SSD [John Hope Franklin room], co-sponsored with Modern Europe workshop)
Monday, May 16, 4:30-6: TBA

Monday, June 6: Closing Dinner