Oct 5: Welcome Party

Please join us at the Linguistic Anthropology Lab next week on Thursday (10/5/2017)  to celebrate the new academic year and to welcome a new cohort of linguistic anthropologists:
Linguistic Anthropology Lab Welcome Party
Thursday (10/5), 6 PM
Haskell 301 & 302
Pizza and refreshments will be served
*If you have extra books or journals that you would like to add to our 302 library, feel free to bring them in.
**If you have old event/conference posters of relevance (past Michicagoans, for example), bring them too! We’re trying to add a little more life to the place.
*** Don’t forget to attend the first Semiotics workshop of the year as well – 4:30 PM in Haskell 101 on the same day (10/5). Erik Levin will be presenting

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