Current Leadership

Alex Wuqi Zhang

Alex Wuqi Zhang


Alex is a PhD student in the Computer Science department, where he does research related to robots and stuff. He dabbles in low carbon cloud computing from time to time as well. Outside of the lab, Alex enjoys road cycling, golf (mostly so he can drag race golf carts), and hanging out in nature.

Timmy Lin

Timmy Lin


Timmy is a first-year PhD student in the computer science department. His research interest is in designing user-adaptive social robots that are capable of managing group dynamics, supporting user-initiated interaction, and ensuring long-term user engagement. Beyond research, Timmy likes to explore different restaurants, play ping pong, and go skiing.

Anna Ha

Anna Ha


Anna is a 1st year PhD student in the Computer Science department, researching adversarial attacks/defenses and ways to fight against unethical AI systems. Anna enjoys swimming, tennis, cooking, relaxing strolls in nature. She has a fresh Aussie accent so go hang out with her before she looses it!

The committee is made up of PSD student volunteers and all PSD students are encouraged to participate. A board (president, treasurer, secretary) is elected in autumn and serves a term from January to December. The committee meets at least once per quarter to approve proposed events, and discuss committee proceedings.

Solicitations are made in autumn for nominees to apply and submit a short bio. Elections are held online, anonymously, in tandem with Graduate Council elections. If you have further questions about getting involved, please contact us.

Previous Leadership


Spencer Guo, President
Alex Wuqi Zhang, Secretary
Richard Liu, Treasurer


Mauro Ballesteros Ayala, President
Alan Shen, Secretary
Youyou Li, Treasurer


Elizabeth White, President
Megan Barnett, Secretary

Spring 2018 – Winter 2019

Airi Kawamura, President
Laura Watkins, Secretary
Sarah Zinn, Treasurer

Winter 2018

Airi Kawamura, President
Richard Mazuski, Secretary
Ryan Wood, Treasurer


Rhys Povey, President
Darren Veit, Secretary
Becca Thompson, Treasurer


Rhys Povey, President
Darren Veit, Secretary
Becca Thompson, Treasurer


Sara Massey, President
Erica Sturm, Secretary
Darren Veit, Treasurer


Andrew Sand, President
Robin Walters, Secretary
Zack Hund, Treasurer


Charles Heffern, President
Andrew Sand, Secretary
Zack Hund, Treasurer


Andreea Stuparu, President
Gaby Avila-Bront, Secretary
Raman Shah, Treasurer