What We Do

The PSD-SC plans social, athletic, and cultural events for graduate students in the Physical Sciences Division. Typically, this is realized by subsidizing tickets to attend shows, activities, festivals, and more! All of our events our student organized, and the details on how to submit an event proposal can be found here. Our past events can be found here. Students can stay informed on upcoming events by signing up for the PSD social committee mailing list.

The PSD-SC also funds the monthly PSD happy hours held on the 3rd floor of GCIS and sponsors (in conjunction with Graduate Council) the summer softball league.

Who We Serve

We work for all graduate students in the Physical Sciences Division. This includes all Ph.D. and Masters students in the following departments:

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Analytics (M.S.)
  • Biophysical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science (Ph.D./M.S.)
  • Computational and Applied Math (Ph.D./M.S.)
  • Computational Analysis and Public Policy (M.S.)
  • Financial Mathematics (M.S.)
  • Geophysical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics (Ph.D./M.S.)

How We Work

The committee is made up of PSD student volunteers, who are voted into committee through an annual election. The success of the PSD-SC is ultimately dependent on the graduate students stepping up to propose and host events, and thus PSD graduate students are encouraged to participate in order to enrich the PSD experience. The PSD Dean of Students Office oversees the committee’s budget allocation, which is a based on a share of the quarterly student life activities fee which all graduate students pay.