Proposing an Event

See our general guidelines for advice on putting together a successful proposal. See our past events for guidance and inspiration! Note that an event host is eligible to receive up to 2 free tickets for their own event.

Step 1: Submit Proposal

Email the PSD-SC board with the following information:

  • Event date, time, and location
  • Price per ticket, including all fees (please look for student/group discounts whenever possible)
  • Expected number of tickets*
  • Any additional costs (buses, etc.)

Following approval, fill out the event google form.

Step 2: Host Sale

Send an email to the PSD-SC Secretary with a draft email for advertising the event at least 5 days prior to the ticket sale date. Please see the example here. The event advertisement should contain the following information:

  • Event date, time, place, subsidized cost of tickets, # of tickets being sold
  • What type of sale you would like to perform (see right)
  • When/where you would like the sale to take place

To help facilitate transportation and encourage socialization, hosts are encouraged to create a group chat/event page for their event with all the attendees.

Ticket Sale Types

Lottery Sale: Tickets will be assigned by lottery, which will be handled by PSD-SC. Hosts will receive a spreadsheet of the lottery winners from the PSD-SC Secretary following the lottery deadline. Hosts are responsible for reaching out to the winners to coordinate the ticket sale (e.g. cash/Venmo) and reaching out to people on the waitlist if winners decide to drop out. Hosts are expected to sell as many of the allocated tickets as possible, but will be fully compensated for all the tickets they pay for regardless of how many are ultimately sold. 

In Person Sale: Tickets will be sold in-person at a location on campus. The GCIS East Lobby is a popular spot, but generally try to choose a location near the PSD buildings on campus with enough space to occupy 50 or so people. Please see a template for an in-person sale here. Hosts are expected to confirm that the buyers are PSD graduate students and coordinate the ticket transfers themselves.

Step 3: Deposit and Reimbursement

Reimbursement requests and deposits must be made no later than 2 weeks after the event. Reimbursements will only be processed following an approved deposit with Maroon Financial. Total amount to be deposited should be the total $ made from the ticket sale. 

  • Submit a reimbursement form (funding organization is PSD Social Committee)
  • Fill out the ROMR template and print 2 copies (one for your own records).
    • Keep dept # (431), dept name (PSD-DOS), and FAS Account (9-52314-3000) the same. The fields to fill out are date, preparer, email, phone, description, and amount.
    • See an example of the filled form here. Please email the PSD-SC Treasurer and CC Sarah Lippert for any questions with this.
  • For Cash: Bring cash to Maroon Financial Credit Union (5525 S Ellis Ave C, Chicago, IL 60637) and request to have it converted to a cashier’s check made payable to the University of Chicago. There is no fee for this service. A completed Currency Transaction Form is required. The form is available at
    After obtaining the cashier’s check, take the ROMR form to the Central AR office for processing.

    For Checks: Bring the check and ROMR form to Central Accounts Receivable Office (6054 S. Drexel Ave., Suite 301, Chicago, IL 60637). Central AR will deposit the
    checks and provide a receipt via email to the address(es) listed on the ROMR.
    • To expedite check receipt going forward, the Central AR mailing address should be listed as the remit to address on your invoices.

    Please email the PSD-SC Treasurer, and CC Sarah Lippert the ROMR form and the deposit receipt once you have successfully made the deposit (Maroon Financial does not give you a physical receipt by default so please ask for one).

  • Once the Treasurer approves the reimbursement, it will be distributed in the next pay cycle through Workday.

Step 4: Tell us how it went!

  • You can submit event photos here (under “Gallery” tab)
  • Fill out part 2 of the event submission form. This helps the PSD-SC decide what events to approve in the future.

See our How-To Guide (currently being updated for 2023) for a detailed, step-by-step procedure on the full process of hosting an event.

* The event host is expected to front the cost of all the tickets, and will be reimbursed following an approved deposit at Maroon Financial (see step 3). Students will not be expected to cover the cost of events >$5,000 and should email the PSD-SC and Sarah Lippert to discuss potential payment options.