2022 QSA Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to our second cohort of graduating seniors in the Quantitative Social Analysis Minor Program!   

Anna Scarlato

Anna Scarlato, a fourth-year student majoring in Economics, was passionate about understanding behaviors through quantitative frameworks and found the QSA minor a perfect fit. She has benefited from taking the minor classes in connecting theoretical knowledge to real-life phenomena and in questioning findings from other research. To Anna, this is especially useful with her own research projects as she will be able to identify possible weaknesses of her analytic approaches easily.

Anna’s favorite minor class was Public Opinion, because she had no background in Political Science, and “so applying an analytic mindset in that new context was very interesting.”

After graduating, Anna will work in economic consulting with Compass Lexicon in their Los Angeles office, and she wants to share with future minors to “explore as many fields as you can through the minor courses!”

Neeraj Sharma

Neeraj Sharma





William Jonen

William Jonen,

Marissa Linn

Marissa Linn

Jessica Sjobeck

Jessica Sjobeck,