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RSTI is a research project at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. We use the OCHRE database as our backend research platform.

Inscribed Objects

A revised edition of La Trouvaille Épigraphique de l'Ougarit

One of the primary objectives of RSTI is to manage and publish a revised edition of Bordreuil and Pardee’s inventory of the inscribed objects from Ras Shamra-Ougarit. We manage this data in OCHRE. Click the button to visit the site where we present live data directly from our project database.

Revised TEO

RSTI Online

Launch OCHRE and view the RSTI text editions

In addition to the digital version of the updated TEO volume, we also make available a subset of our data through a Java-based front-end. Click the button to download a jnlp file that will launch Java and allow you to browse our data directly in the database. Because this feature requires Java, it is currently unavailable on mobile devices.


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Blog Posts

Article on Digital Philology in RSTI

A recent article of mine on the use of guided workflow wizards in OCHRE is now available online at the following link: Paper Hive "Digital Philology in the Ras Shamra Tablet Inventory Project: Text Curation through Computational in Intelligence" in CyberResearch on...