September 30th

Roy Kimmey III, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Between the Letter and Spirit of the Law: Loans, Taste, and the Making of Romani Consumer Citizens in Late State Socialist Hungary”

October 14th

Anna Band, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Zimmer Frei: Jews and their Rooms in WWI through Weimar Berlin”

October 28th

Zoya Sameen, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “‘Plain Tales,’ Bare Truths: British Soldiers and the Memory of Prostitution in Late Colonial India”

November 11th

Abigail Bratcher, PhD Student, History

Title: “Knowing the Kazakh Steppe: How Pedologists and Peasants Created Knowledge of Steppe Soils during the Cold War”

December 2nd  

Ben Van Zee, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “The Second Scramble for East Africa: The Ambiguities of Mandate Sovereignty and the Anglo-German Struggle for Demographic Domination in Tanganyika”


January 13th

Zoya Sameen, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “’Plain Tales,’ Bare Truths: British Soldiers and the Memory of Prostitution in Late Colonial India”

January 20th

Will Rall, PhD, Modern German History

Title: “Love in the time of Nazism: Sterilization, Desire, and Belonging in the Third Reich”

February 3rd

Paul Betts, Professor of Modern European History, St. Anthony’s College, University of Oxford

Book Discussion: Betts will present his new book, Ruin and Renewal: Civilising Europe after the Second World War.

The event is free and open to the public. Zoom invitation to follow.

 February 17th

Michael Williams, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Postwar French Philosophical Thought and Early Derrida”

March 3rd

Greg Valdespino, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “’Views from this Cosmopolitan Camp’: Dwelling, Displacement, and West African Soldiers in World War I”

March 31st

Carl Kubler, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “Sojourners: Chinese Migrants and Intermediaries in the Western World, 1780-1840”

April 14th

Julia Mead, PhD Student, History

Title: “Socialist Rust Belt: Energy, Masculinity, and the End of Czechoslovak Socialism”

April 28th

Natalie Smith, PhD Candidate, History

Title: “A State of Permanent Combustion”: Urban and Coastal Soap Pollution in Marseille, 1820s-1840s”

May 12th

Tahel Goldsmith, PhD Student, History

Title: “In Space We Feel Time: Authenticity and The Shaping and Reshaping of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald, Treblinka, and Bergen-Belsen, 1945-2000”

May 26 – Book Discussion

Faith Hillis, Associate Professor, History

Please join us for an informal group discussion of Faith’s new book, Utopia’s Discontents: Russian Émigrés and the Quest for Freedom, 1830s-1930s, Oxford University Press, 2021.