Writing Tutoring from UChicagoGRAD

Grad school tests you as a writer: over the course of your program, you could write seminar papers, conference presentations, book reviews, academic articles, dissertation chapters—maybe even newspaper articles, op-eds, or blog posts for a wider audience.

UChicagoGRAD can help! Our graduate writing consultants offer one-on-one advising sessions to help you work through these writing challenges. Book an appointment on GRAD Gargoyle by selecting a “Written Communication” option on the dropdown list of advising topics.

Good writers have close readers, and a strong piece of writing often emerges from many cycles of drafts, conversations, and feedback from trusted interlocutors. In an advising session, you can expect holistic feedback on your writing through discussions about structure, argument, clarity, and impact. You will leave the appointment with a better understanding of your project and clear steps for a stronger second draft.

We also offer sessions for writers who use English as an additional language (sometimes called ESL or EAL speakers). Our ESL/EAL graduate writing consultants have been trained to give advice on a wide spectrum of concerns, including how to navigate interference from one’s dominant language and how to navigate the norms of academic writing in English. If you’re looking for ways to improve your writing style in English, you can find these appointments by selecting “Written Communication: English Language Tutoring” from the list of available advising topics.

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