A Message from the GRAD Administrative Services Team

POV: tax forms and a calculator.

The 2022 tax filing deadline is not until April 18, 2023, but it’s never too early to takes steps toward successful tax preparation. The fourth and final 2022 Quarterly Estimated Tax Deadline is January 18, 2023. Whether this is your first time paying estimated taxes or your tenth, you may have questions. Please take some time to watch our 2022 Estimated Tax Workshop along with our other Financial Wellness resources, and reach out to gradhelp@uchicago.edu with your questions related to taxes and University payments.

More updates from across campus in this week’s GRAD Guide Weekly.


Sounding Board Advising

UChicagoGrad wants to extend our support to the UChicago student community as you continue to navigate this on-going difficult time. Whether you are worried about yourself, a friend, or a family member there are extensive support resources and services provided by the UChicago community that can assist you with your mental health concerns.

Sounding Board Advising is a resource for helping graduate students and postdocs negotiate work/life balance issues, navigate relationships, and create strategies for having difficult conversations with peers, faculty, and others. Sounding Board currently functions as general support services for challenged graduate students.

UChicago Student Wellness provides access to student mental health with virtual sessions staffed by clinicians, in addition to virtual drop-in sessions and workshops. Their calendar of events is here.

Wellness Coaching is a free service that teaches you how to create goals for navigating transitions and overcoming challenges that come your way. Schedule your Wellness Coaching session today.

There is a therapist-on-call available 24/7 that students can reach at 773-702-3625.