Reflecting on your career journey and looking ahead to 2023

Once the bustle of the quarter winds down, you might find yourself reflecting on the professional highs and lows of the past year: the paper that was an unexpected success, the experiment that did not go to plan, or perhaps the prestigious internship opportunity that you managed to land. Whether you feel on track to meet your professional goals or bewildered at the prospect of life after graduate or postdoctoral study, UChicagoGRAD has a range of resources, opportunities, and workshops available to help.

2 tips for setting yourself up for success in 2023:

Career advising appointment: check. Even if you have met with a career advisor in the past, consider making an appointment for next week or in January. With academic and professional backgrounds that align with those of the populations they serve, UChicagoGRAD’s career advisors understand the graduate and postdoctoral experience and the distinct value that rigorous advanced-degree training brings to the wider world.

Focus on the flora. If you have a discrete project that needs to get done over the break, consider a focus app like Flora (free), which is based on the Pomodoro method of focusing on the task at hand for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. Repeat four times and then take a longer 15-30 minute break. Apps like Flora can help discrete projects stay that way. For help optimizing your work/life balance and satisfaction—especially as you manage both current work and career development—you might also consider a Sounding Board appointment with UChicagoGRAD’s Lizanne Phalen.

Wintertime Wellness

Photograph of a person's hands holding snow in the shape of a heart.

Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is key—especially as we head into the winter months. Whether you strategically schedule time in the sun, check-ins with friends and family, or physical activity, it is important to plan to protect your wellbeing. If you need additional support during this time, remember that Student Wellness is available to you. The Student Wellness Center will remain open during Winter Recess, but please check the website for hours (and note we will close at 12 p.m. on December 23 and 30).

For more information about resources, programs, and clinics from Student Wellness, read on and check out our website.

Chicago Thanksgiving

Whether you’re in the mood for theatre, the outdoors, or a Friendsgiving meal, the Gargoyle has you covered. Here are some fun things to do around town during the Thanksgiving Break.

Swing by the Thanksgiving parade in the Loop, join the 2022 Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration at Rockefeller, jog or walk the Turkey Trot, or stroll the Point. You could catch a performance of “The Island” at Court Theatre with your student discount, join a virtual conversation on the history of the American musical, or venture northside to see American Blues Theatre’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

If the movies beckon, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is playing all week at Hyde Park’s Harper Theater. And don’t forget, your UCID is your UChicago Arts Pass to free and discounted admission for 70+ arts & culture organizations throughout Chicago (browse partner organizations for events).

Last but not least, the food—organize a Friendsgiving dinner or check out 53rd Street’s handy guide to ordering Thanksgiving takeout from Hyde Park eateries.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Message from the GRAD Administrative Services Team

POV: tax forms and a calculator.

The 2022 tax filing deadline is not until April 18, 2023, but it’s never too early to takes steps toward successful tax preparation. The fourth and final 2022 Quarterly Estimated Tax Deadline is January 18, 2023. Whether this is your first time paying estimated taxes or your tenth, you may have questions. Please take some time to watch our 2022 Estimated Tax Workshop along with our other Financial Wellness resources, and reach out to with your questions related to taxes and University payments.

More updates from across campus in this week’s GRAD Guide Weekly.


Sounding Board Advising

UChicagoGrad wants to extend our support to the UChicago student community as you continue to navigate this on-going difficult time. Whether you are worried about yourself, a friend, or a family member there are extensive support resources and services provided by the UChicago community that can assist you with your mental health concerns.

Sounding Board Advising is a resource for helping graduate students and postdocs negotiate work/life balance issues, navigate relationships, and create strategies for having difficult conversations with peers, faculty, and others. Sounding Board currently functions as general support services for challenged graduate students.

UChicago Student Wellness provides access to student mental health with virtual sessions staffed by clinicians, in addition to virtual drop-in sessions and workshops. Their calendar of events is here.

Wellness Coaching is a free service that teaches you how to create goals for navigating transitions and overcoming challenges that come your way. Schedule your Wellness Coaching session today.

There is a therapist-on-call available 24/7 that students can reach at 773-702-3625.

Start the 2019-2020 Academic Year with a (Re)Orientation to UChicago!

Join us for a new series of (Re)Orientation programs, designed to answer your questions and help new and continuing students take advantage of campus resources and better navigate your academic and professional career here at the University of Chicago. Register for all events in GRAD Gargoyle

  • HOW SHOULD I HELP?: Supporting Students in Crisis (October 3, 12:30-1:30pm; UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58thStreet, 3rdfloor)
    • If you’re in a teaching, mentoring or other leadership role, it’s important that you are prepared to support your students by staying informed of your responsibilities and available resources if student emergencies arise. This session aims to provide you the tools and information you need to help your students (and your peers), including Title IX office information and reporting responsibilities, specific resources for students and teachers, and how to access UChicago HELP. UChicago HELP is a robust set of systems and practices, including some resources that are available 24/7.  It is comprised of the Dean-on-Call program, the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call program, and the Bias Education &Support Team (BEST). RSVP in advance via GRAD Gargoyle (Events > GRAD Events).
  • STUDENT EMPLOYMENT: Looking for the Right On-Campus Opportunity  (October 10, 12:30-1:30pm; UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58thStreet, 3rdfloor
    • Interested in an on-campus student employment position? Learn more about how to find and apply for on-campus jobs with Deborah Blumenthal of UChicagoGRAD. We’ll cover the basics of where to look, what to look for, and how to submit your materials, including specific information on using Federal Work-Study funding if you’re eligible (and how to find that out if you’re not sure).  RSVP in advance via GRAD Gargoyle (Events > GRAD Events).
  • STUDENT HEALTH: USHIP, Staying Well, and Navigating Your Health Care as a UChicago Graduate Student (October 17, 12:30-1:30pm; UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58thStreet, 3rdfloor
    • Do you know about the DCAM Pharmacy discount? Did you know there is no co-pay to go to Student Health Services? If you’re not yet an expert at managing your medical care, this session will set you up to stay well and take advantage of all the health and wellness resources available to support you. Julie Edwards, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, will cover the basics of the University Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP), using the Student Health Clinic & Student Counseling Resources, and how to promote your own health and wellness as a graduate student. RSVP in advance via GRAD Gargoyle (Events > GRAD Events).

Using summer to move or clean out?

Check out this list of ways to properly dispose of or donate your unwanted household items. Be sure to check out the UChicago Recycling Directory for additional resources


  • Encore Resale Storein Hyde Park will accept gently used clothing and what they can’t sell they donate to the Salvation Army
  • In the Woodlawn area, you can donate clothing to Unique Thrift Store
  • Goodwill Donation Centers: 1201 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607 and 300 N LaSalle Dr #4925, Chicago, IL 60654 



Household Chemicals:


Yoga, Let’s Talk, Sounding Board and more…

Check out these stress relieving events, resources, and tips if the end of the quarter has you a bit overwhelmed…

Yoga at I-House                                                     
Tuesday, May 28 & Tuesday, June 4, 2:30PM-3:30PM, International House Coulter Lounge (1414 E 59th Street)

Come along to exercise both the body and the mind! With the stress of finals, this is the perfect break. Yoga mats are available but feel free to bring your own. All levels are welcome

Health Promotion and Wellness

The BustMyStress email listserv is a weekly email sent to students for the purpose of providing stress-relief tips, as well as alerting them to new and ongoing stress-relief events around campus.  Sign up to receieve the BustMyStress weekly emails! Other resources for stress management from Health, Promotion, and Wellness.

WellNest Student Lounge: Provides students with a space where they can relax and take care of themselves during the course of the day. The WellNest is a quiet space where students can study or nap; it offers two massage chairs and wellness stations with coloring, aromatherapy, and other stress reducers. Visit the WellNest at 950 East 61st Street, Room 363.

Late Night Breakfast
Sunday, June 9th, 10pm, Reynolds Club – Hutchinson Commons

Join the Center for Leadership and Involvement and College Programming Office for Late Night Breakfast in the Reynolds Club- Hutchinson Commons the night before finals week. Free food will include fruit, pancakes, french toast, bacon, turkey sausage, eggs, latkes, juice and much more!

Let’s Talk and Sounding Board

Let’s Talk is a Health Promotion and Wellness program that provides easy access to informal and confidential sessions with therapists from SCS. There’s no need for an appointment and no cost to students.

Sounding Board is one-on-one advising for students to discuss optimizing work / life balance and satisfaction. Make an appointment via GRAD Gargoyle.

Other tips and resources:

April 1-5 is Grad Appreciation Week!

Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week began in 1993, and is a celebration of the important role that graduate and professional students play on campuses throughout the U.S.

UChicagoGRAD hopes you can join us for the following GSAW events: 

Monday, April 1, 11am-1pm: Swag Social (UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58th street, 3rd floor)

  • Visit UChicagoGRAD for t-shirts, mugs, notepads, pens, and other UChicagoGRAD gear giveaways
  • Learn about UChicagoGRAD resources
  • Refreshments will be served

Tuesday, April 2, 12-1:30pm: UChicago Common Book Discussion (UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58th street, 3rd floor)

  • Join undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students, along with faculty and staff, and explore various themes of The Best We Could Do as it relates to our individual experiences and campus culture. Register here. 
  • For Digital Access to The Best We Could Do: click here.
  • Lunch will be provided

Wednesday, April 3, 3-5pm: Relax, Relate, Release (UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58th street, 3rd floor)

  • Join fellow graduate and professional students to destress with 10 minute massages, coloring, puzzles, and other wellness activities
  • Register for massages by contacting Dana Bozeman:
  • Refreshments will be served

Thursday, April 4, 11am-12pm: Brunch and Learn: Inclusive Pedagogy (UChicagoGRAD HQ, 970 E. 58th street, 3rd floor)

  • Join Cheryl Richardson, Associate Director for Inclusive Teaching, from the Chicago Center for Teaching for a brunch and learn discussion of inclusive pedagogy
  • Brunch will be provided

Friday, April 5, 9am-5pm: GRADUCon (International House, 1414 East 59th Street)

  • Attend the University of Chicago’s annual career conference just for graduate, professional school students and postdocs. Registration is required.
  • GRADUCon is a fantastic opportunity for graduate and professional school students to explore careers in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government. The day-long program includes panel discussions and the chance to talk one-on-one with over 80 employers and alumni about diverse career trajectories, also attendees are offered free professional photos for LinkedIn
  • Lunch and refreshment reception are included 

Practice self-care this Valentine’s Day

Explore on-campus Health Promotion and Wellness Resources and treat yourself

Wellness Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation Courses, and visits to the WellNest lounge will teach you important self-care techniques that last a lifetime. Health Promotion and Wellness at UChicago offers students access to coordinated and comprehensive services that promote lifelong behaviors and empower individuals to improve their quality of life and reach their highest potential.

Wellness Programming options available to graduate students:

  • Wellness Coaching: Wellness Coaching is a free service that provides support for navigating transitions and overcoming challenges that come your way. Wellness Coaching takes a strengths-based approach to holistic wellness and mental health promotion. Your wellness coach will help you: maximize your personal and professional potential by recognizing your strengths and values, focus on goals that are impactful to you, identify resources that will enable you to succeed in your desired changes, lead to a higher level of health and well-being, and strive to become your best self. Wellness coaches can provide you with tools for time management, social anxiety, stress reduction, and any other challenges that you face. Schedule a coaching session here.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Courses: Register for introductory or advanced mindfulness meditation courses and a silent retreat focused on mindfulness meditation. Each Mindfulness Meditation course is held over four weeks and includes instruction and practice of mindfulness meditation and other mind/body techniques to help reduce stress. Research has shown that incorporating mindfulness meditation practice in your daily life can help: decrease stress and anxiety, improve concentration and attention, promote greater awareness of body sensations, emotions, and thought, build compassion for self and others, foster meaning and purpose, develop connections, regulate emotions, increase capacity for reflection and insight, and boost tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity. Learn more here.
  • WellNest Student Lounge: Provides students with a space where they can relax and take care of themselves during the course of the day. The WellNest is a quiet space where students can study or nap; it offers two massage chairs and wellness stations with coloring, aromatherapy, and other stress reducers. Visit the WellNest at 950 East 61st Street, Room 363.

Health Promotion and Wellness along with Student Health and Counseling Services offer a range of services and support for students that are targeted towards building and maintaining overall well-being. For more information about other wellness programs and services as well as those related to medical and mental health, please visit