2012-2013 Schedule

Spring Quarter Schedule:

April 10

Averill Leslie, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology

Valorized, Vigorous, and… Sidelined? Vermont Town Meeting in a Privatizing Age


April 24

Charis Thompson, Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley



May 8

Kate Mariner, Doctoral Student, Anthropology

Future: The (Re)Production of Temporality and Kinship in Private Adoption Paperwork

May 29

Kara White, MAPSS

Transspecies Sensory Engagements: Touch in a Cage-less Cat Shelter


June 5

Anna Jabloner, Doctoral Student, Anthropology

Jewish Gene Panels, Preventative Double Mastectomies: Risk, Anxiety, and Racial Affect in Genetic Counseling


Winter Quarter


January 9th, Wednesday

Joseph Weiss, Anthropology, University of Chicago

“Our Drums Are Silenced”

Discussant: Kaya Williams



January 23rd

Alex Blanchette, Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology

“Porkopolis: The Afterlives of Swine in a Company Town”

Discussant: Christien Tompkins (Anthropology)



February 6th

Mary Leighton, Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology

“Localizing Academic Culture: The Neoliberal University, Between Chile and the US”

Discussant: Eric Hirsch (Anthropology)



February 20th

Aaron Seaman, Doctoral Student, Comparative Human Development

“Proper Alignments: Creating and Calibrating Family Caregivers and People with Dementia in the U.S.”

Discussant: TBA


March 6th

Elise Kramer, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology

“In Any War Between the Oppressed and the Oppressor, Support the Oppressed”: Contentious Victimhood in the American Political Field

Discussant: TBA



Autumn Quarter


October 11th, Thursday

Jason De León, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

“Citizenship, Materiality, and Necroviolence along the U.S.-Mexico Border:  Recent Research from the Undocumented Migration Project”

**Note:  This workshop session will be held in Haskell 315, and will be followed by a reception at the Pub.

Co-sponsored with the Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop and the Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean


October 24th

Becca Journey, Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology

“Disintegrating/Reimagining the Agora: Greenpoint’s McCarren Park Pool”


November 7th

Special Session on US Elections

Please join us on November 7, the day after the US presidential election, for a special workshop in which we will share and discuss short ethnographic reflections on Election Day and US electoral politics from a range of sites. Groups of workshop participants will use a “flash fieldwork” method to stimulate and ground a discussion on the implications of this election for anthropological and ethnographic practice, and electoral politics more generally.


Sites already in the works include polling sites, political rallies, results watching parties, and various media-scapes.


Key themes to be discussed at this session include, but are not limited to:


  • What kinds of ethnographic objects and methods emerge from or are productive for an encounter with US electoral politics?
  • How will the election shift (or perhaps not shift) the terrain of our respective field sites?
  • What kinds of engagements with the political are possible and/or desirable in our work?


All those planning on attending, we encourage/request that you participate by bringing ethnographic reflections of your own regarding election events, including the following:


  • polls and election day voting,
  • media representation of the election, and media-watching locations,
  • events such as election parties or post-election rallies, or
  • the perception of the election from outside the US.


November 28th

MAPSS Roundtable – A special session for MAPSS students, graduate students, and faculty to discuss doing ethnographic work in the US. More information to follow. Lunch will be served.

*Note alternate time – 12-2pm*


November 28th

Azara Golston, Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology



December 5th

Hannah Woodroofe, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology

“Leftovers, Loopholes, and Labor: Working on the Wasteland in Youngstown, Ohio”

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