2016-2017 Schedule

The Workshop on US Locations Fall Schedule

All workshop sessions are on Tuesdays from 4:30-6pm in Haskell 102, unless otherwise noted.

October 11 – Averill Leslie, Anthropology

“Against the Apolitical, Technical View of Municipal Government: Northmont’s Ballot Box as a Trust and Unity Machine”

October 25 – Dr. Kathleen Belew, History, University of Chicago

November 8 – Election Special! Details to follow.

November 15 – Hannah Burnett, Anthropology

“Sensing Place, Taste, & Toxicity with Louisiana’s New Oyster”

November 22 – A Conversation About Ethnography, Institutional Politics & Race

December 6 – Karma Frierson, Anthropology

Herencia Negra: Slippages between Heredity and Heritage”

January 10

Lauren Sutherland (Anthropology, UChicago)

January 24

Dr. Zoë Wool (Anthropology, Rice University)

January 26 (Co-Sponsored with the Latin American History Workshop)

Perry Wong (Anthropology, UChicago)

February 7

Ted Gordon (History and Theory of Music, UChicago)

February 21

Kaya Williams (Anthropology, UChicago)

March 7

Dr. Summerson Carr (SSA, UChicago)

March 14

Talia Gordon (Comparative Human Development, UChicago)


For questions and concerns about accessibility, please contact Sonia Grant at soniagrant@uchicago.edu

Talia + Sonia (US Locations co-coordinators 2016-2017)


About the Workshop on U.S. Locations:

The Workshop on U.S. Locations explores current ethnographic research in and in relation to  North America. We examine what is distinctly American about particular U.S. sites, situations, and sensibilities, while we also seek to locate the U.S. transnationally. This year we are particularly interested in thinking together about the conditions of the (ethnographic) present. At what scales and in which jurisdictions are these conditions manifest? How can their complexity be rendered, anthropologically or otherwise?  We’re also interested in thinking across different representational and nonrepresentational forms. We invite experimental papers and other media, and welcome ideas for experimental workshops.