Schedule 2016-2017

The Wittgenstein Workshop has a packed schedule this year!
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are Fridays 1:30-4:20pm, in Foster 305.


3/31 Matthew Boyle (Chicago). “Self-Knowledge, Self-Concern, and the First Person Perspective”

4/7 Martin Gustafsson (Abo Academi) “Why is Frege’s judgment stroke superfluous?”

4/20 Eric Marcus (Auburn) “Towards a Theory of Inference,” 4:30-6:30 in Cobb 110**note the unusual date, time, and location

4/21 Olivia Bailey (Harvard). “Humean Empathy: an idea and its afterlife.”

5/5 cancelled.

5/12 Amos Browne (Chicago) “Philosophical Investigations 156-178: Wittgenstein on Reading.”

5/25 Rory O’Connell (Chicago) “Agents and Their Powers.” 4:30-6:30**note the unusual date and time (location TBD)

5/26 Alice Crary (New School for Social Research). “Moral Status and Cognitive Disability.”


Past Schedule


10/21 Katie Howe. “What Does It Take to Have a Body?” (Chicago)

10/28 Adrian Haddock. “Understanding the Mind from its own Point of View” (University of Stirling)

11/4 Mathis Koschel. “The Actuality of Thinking: On the dependency of understanding and validity on empirical matters” (Chicago)

11/18 Rico Gutschmidt. “Beyond Quietism. Skeptical Practice and a Performative Account of Understanding.”

11/25 Thanksgiving

12/2 Job Seekers Conference

12/4-5 “Meaning, Metaphor, and Maimonides: Conference Honoring Josef Stern.”



1/6 Hannah McKeown (Chicago). “Getting Your Duck-Rabbits in a Row: How to Align Metaphor and Aspect Perception”

1/13 Concept of Form conference

1/20 Christian Martin (University of Munich). “Duality, Force, Language Games, and Our Form of Life.”

2/2** (special date) Barry Stroud (Berkeley). “Are The Colours of Things Secondary Qualities?”

2/3 Skepticism Conference.

2/10 Josh Mendelsohn (Chicago)

2/24 no meeting

3/10 Jason Bridges (University of Chicago). “The Search for the Essence of Human Language in Wittgenstein and Davidson.”