Schedule 2017/18

Fall Quarter

6th October (Wiebolt 408)

Ryan Simonelli (UChicago) – ‘The Skeptical Problem and Its Dissolution’

20th October (SS 401)

Matthias Haase (UChicago) – ‘Knowing What I have Done’

10th November (SS 401)

Dries Daniels (UChicago) – ‘Hermeneutics and the Concept of an Illocutionary Act’ (Co-sponsored with German Philosophy Workshop)

17th November (Wiebolt 408)

Martijn Wallage (University of Leipzig) – ‘From the limit to the center of the worl”’

Winter Quarter

12th January (WB 408)

Amichai Amit (UChicago) – ‘Form, content and ethical rationalism’

19th January (WB 408)

[MEETING CANCELLED] Irad Kimhi (UChicago) – ‘The Half and the Full Linguistic Turns’  Co-Sponsored with German

25th January (WB 408)

Rachel Goodman (University of Lincoln Nebraska)  ‘Descriptivism vs. Singularism’

9th March (WB 408)

Silver Bronzo (Moscow) ‘Propositional Complexity and the Frege-Geach Point’

15th March (WB 408)

Lawrence Dallman (UChicago) – ‘Marxian True Criticism and the Myth of the Given‘ (Co-Sponsored by the German Philosophy Workshop.)

16th March (WB 408)

Hannah Ginsbourg (Berkeley)  – ‘Leaps in The Dark’

Spring Quarter

12th April

[MEETING CANCELLED] David Finkelstein (UChicago) – ‘Conscious Stuff’

20th April

Peter Hanks (University of Minnesota) – ‘Singular Propositions’

4th May

Kristin Boyce (Mississippi State) – ‘TBA’

1st June

Amy Levine (UChicago) – ‘“General Thoughts About Particular Things.”