Friday, December 6: Nic Koziolek, and Conference

On Friday, December 6, we will join the Department of Philosophy’s Graduate Research conference to host Nic Koziolek, who will give his paper “Judgement, Belief, and the Psychological Principle of  Non-Contradiction”. Please note the change in time and place: Nic’s talk will take place from 2:40-3:55, at Classics 110.

You may want to attend the entire conference, starting at 10:30, with a talk by David Holiday (“Moral Incapacity: When Can’t Means Can’t”), and continues at 1pm, with Silver Bronzo (“Understanding the Context Principle”). On Saturday, December 7, the conference continues at 10am with Mark Hopwood (“‘Only Connect’: Contingency, Identity, and Love”) and at 11:45, with Joe Lubenow (“Eligibility for Human Rights”).


Nov 8: Silver Bronzo on the Context Principle

This Friday we will host our very own Silver Bronzo. Silver will read and discuss his paper “Understanding the Context Principle”. We meet at the regular place and time: Wieboldt 408 at 1:30pm. There will be a reception to follow at the Philosophy Department’s Anscombe library.