The Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security at the University of Chicago



Oct 10, 1996 Duvall, Raymond Cultures of Insecurity
Oct 17, 1996 Ward, Cary The Scholar-Diplomats: Academia and the Establishment in the Making of American Foreign Policy
Oct 24, 1996 Dabringhausen, Michaela Industrial Restructuring the EC’s Fortress Europe Strategy, and the Temporary Success of the ERM
Oct 31, 1996 Snyder, Glenn Alliances in a Multipolar System
Nov 07, 1996 Lieber, Robert Domestice Political Consequences of the End of the Cold War: Implications for American Foreign Policy
Nov 14, 1996 Powell, Robert Power Transition with Endogenous Offers
Nov 21, 1996 Portnoy, Brian Transnational Corporations Developing Countries and Institutional Bargaining