The Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security at the University of Chicago



Oct 07, 2004 Koremenos, Barbara “What is New and Exciting in International Relations Research Today?”
Oct 14, 2004 Gruber, Lloyd* “Information, Uncertainty and the Decision to Secede”
Oct 21, 2004 MacIntosh, Christopher* “Open Questions: Do We Really Know that Globalization (Ultimately) Benefits the Poor?”
Oct 28, 2004 Thompson, Alexander “Theory Across Time: IR’s quest for Time-less Theory”
Nov 11, 2004 Walter, Barbara “A Climate for Change: Uncertainty and Flexibility in the Kyoto Regime”
Nov 18, 2004 Smith, Frank* “Bioshield or Pandora’s Box? The Impact of Defense Politics on Biotechnology”
Dec 02, 2004 Sagan, Scott “Why Don’t States Renounce Nuclear Weapons? : Three Models Still Searching for a Bomb”


Jan 06, 2005 Wallander, Celeste “Global Changes and Russian Foreign Policy”
Jan 13, 2005 Lebow, Ned “Fear, Interest and Honor: Outlines of a Theory of International Relations”
Jan 20, 2005 Alexander, Gerard “Waiting for Balancing: Why the World Isn’t Pushing Back”
Jan 27, 2005 Schiff, Jacob* “Politics Against Redemption: Rereading Levinas for Critical International Theory”
Feb 17, 2005 Gavrilis, George “Policing the Periphery: A Theory of Border Control from the Central Asian Context, 1991-2005
Feb 24, 2005 Brewster, Rachel* “International Law and Domestic Bargaining: WTO Rules in a Two-Level Game or Why Rule-Based Dispute Resolution?”


Mar 31, 2005 Mirilovic, Nikola* “Institutions and Immigration: Why Dictatorship, Federalism, and National Constituencies Lead to More Immigration”
Apr 07, 2005 Holthoefer, Anne* “Building Institutions: Practical Knowledge and the Foundations of Institutional Design”
Apr 14, 2005 Paul, T.V. “Balancing under Near-Unipolarity: American Power and the New Balance of Power Dynamics”
Apr 21, 2005 Voeten, Eric “Judicial Behavior on International Courts: Ideology and Strategy on the European Court of Human Rights”
Apr 28, 2005 Chwieroth, Jeffrey “Neoliberal Norms and Capital Account Liberalization in Emerging Markets: The Role of Domestic-level Knowledge-based Experts”
May 05, 2005 Edgerton, David “Warfare State: Britain 1920-1970”
May 19, 2005 Meierding, Emily* “Transnational Advocates and International Regulatory Process”
May 26, 2005 Murray, Michelle* “The Struggle for Recognition in International Politics: Security, Identity, and the Quest for Power”