The Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security at the University of Chicago



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Oct 09, 2008 Rosato, Sebastian Balance of Power Politics? A Reassement
Oct 16, 2008 You, Hyeyoung* How to Protect the Protected? Special Protections Policymaking in the US
Oct 23, 2008 Hall, Todd* Sympathetic States: A Theory of Emotional Idioms for International Relations
Oct 30, 2008 Tobin, Jennifer Political Entrepreneurship and the Organizational Roots of Pro-Poor Policies
Nov 06, 2008 Ford, Joe* Tight Passage: How Maritime Transport of China’s Oil Will Shape Future Conflict
Nov 13, 2008 Butt, Ahsan* Anarchy or Hierarchy? Explaining South America’s War Prone Decade, 1932-1941
Nov 20, 2008 Hoffman, Aaron The Newsworthiness of Terrorism



Jan 08, 2009 Ahmed, Faisal* Leadership, Size, and the Postwar International Economy: Hegemonic Stability Revisited
Jan 15, 2009 Park, Jong Hee Partisan Politics and the Protection of Agriculture in the United States, 1973-2002
Jan 22, 2009 Subotic, Jelana Coerced Justice: International War Crimes Tribunals, Conditionality, and Compliance
Jan 29, 2009 Hirose, Kentaro* Diplomacy and National Wealth
Feb 12, 2009 Grovougi, Siba Timbuktu Was Never Far Away: War on Terror, Nomadism, and Human Security after 9/11/2001
Feb 19, 2009 Johnson, Tana* The Role of IGOs in Institutional Design
Feb 26, 2009 Bradford, Anu International Antitrust Regime, TRIPs, and Different Paths to Regulatory Convergence
Mar 05, 2009 Monteiro, Nuno* The Hidden Side of Deterrence: Polarity and the Credibility of Assurances
Mar 12, 2009 Drezner, Dan Financial Power and Financial Governance After the Meltdown


Apr 02, 2009 Epstein, Rachel Uneven Integration: Economic and Monetary Union in Central and Eastern Europe
Apr 09, 2009 O’Rourke, Lindsey* Making Friends: Strategies for Turning Foreign Adversaries into Allies
Apr 16, 2009 Holthoefer, Anne* Crime and Punishment: Building an International Criminal Court
Apr 23, 2009 Valentino, Benjamin An Army of the People? National Guard and Reserve Casualties and Public Support for War
Apr 30, 2009 Atkinson, Carol Who Cares About Biological Warfare?
May 07, 2009 Stevenson, John* Civil-Military Relations During Late State-Making: Theorizing Escalation to Mass Killing
May 14, 2009 Smith, Heather Explaining Ratification of Human Rights Treaties: NGO Pressures and Unanticipated Effects
May 21, 2009 Suh, Soon Joo* Leadership, Hegemony, and International Organizations: Is Hegemony Necessary or Replaceable for Public Goods?
May 28, 2009 Staisch, Matthias* International Leadership as Status Politics