The Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security at the University of Chicago



October 07 Reese, M.J. “The Competence Peace: Bureaucratic Quality and the Reception of Signals in International Conflict
October 12 Jacobsen, Jack “Counterinsurgency and International Relations”
October 21 Buthe, Tim “Institutional Change in the European Union: The Rise of Supranational Regulatory Authority for Antitrust Enforcement and Merger Review
October 28 Kono, Daniel “Buying National: Democracy and Public Procurement
November 04 Urpelainen, Johannes “New Leaders, Political Turmoil, and International Institutions: Can Preferential Trading Agreements Enable a Credible Commitment to Economic Reform?”
November 11 Lischer, Sarah “Civil war, Genocide, and Political Order in Rwanda: Security Implications of Refugee Return
November 18 Monteiro, Nuno “Deterring Military Acquisition: Polarity, Proliferation, and Preventive War


1/13/2011 Lipson, Charles “Anarchy as an Assumption, Anarchy as an Outcome”
1/20/2011 Nelson, Steve “Is the International Monetary Fund the Johnny Appleseed of Neoliberalism in the Developing World?
1/27/2011 Keohane, Robert “Persuasion in World Politics” (Cancelled Due to Weather)
2/3/2011 Hirose, Kentaro* “The Ambiguous Threat of War” (Cancelled Due to Weather)
2/10/2011 Coggins, Bridget “Nothing Fails Like Success: Anarchy, Piracy and State-building in Somalia”
2/17/2011 McDonald, Patrick “Bargaining, Hierarchy, and the Great Power-Induced Peace (Among Democracies)
2/24/2011 Kimura, Kazuhide* “Intervention and Non-intervention in intra-state conflicts”
3/3/2011 Kim, Dong Wook “Explaining Citizen Membership in Human Rights International NGOs
3/10/2011 Gartzke, Erik “The Relevance of Power in International Relations

Spring 2011

3/31/2011 Nomikos, William* “Civil-Military Relations in World Politics: The Case of NATO Expansion”
4/07/2011 Singer, David Andrew “Family Finance: Migration, Remittances, and Government Spending in the Developing World”
4/14/2011 Stevenson, John* “‘Capitol Gains’: The Legacies of the Rational Design of World Affairs, the Quest for International Recognition, and Mass Killing
4/21/2011 Weaver, Kate “The Politics of Numbers: The Political Economy of International Development Aid Transparency”
4/28/2011 Kinsella, Helen “‘Afghan good enough is good enough:’ Gender and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
5/5/2011 Keohane, Robert “Persuasion in World Politics
5/12/2011 Srivastava, Swati* “Non-State Actors and Structural Change in International Relations”
5/19/2011 Hirose, Kentaro* The Ambiguous Threat of War”
5/26/2011 Vabulas, Felicity* “When and Why do Intergovernmental Organizations Grant Access to NGOs?

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