Monika Nalepa, Associate Professor of Political Science and CISSR Research Fellow 2017-2021, researches transitional justice, autocracies in Europe, and democratic stability. In 2017-2021, Professor Nalepa received a CISSR Faculty Research Fellowship which funded her team and her research with the Transitional Justice Lab.

In her new book After Authoritarianism: Transitional Justice and Democratic Stability, Monika Nalepa analyzes the distinctions between mechanisms to determine the contrasting effects they have on sustaining and shaping the qualities of democratic processes. The mechanisms of transitional justice are not just the end of an outgoing authoritarian regime but, as Professor Nalepa shows through a highly disaggregated global transitional justice dataset, these mechanisms are the crucial first step towards a new democracy. The book builds upon her first book, Skeletons in the Closet: Transitional Justice in Post-Communist Europe also published by Cambridge University Press. 

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