Professor Robert Gibbons’ pharmacoepidemiologic study published in JAMA Psychiatry, explores how folic acid treatment was associated with a significantly reduced rate of suicide attempts. This large-scale within-person observational study in over 850,000 adults confirmed results of an earlier signal-generation study based on a new statistical drug safety surveillance system published in the Harvard Data Science Review.

Co-authored by Kwan Hur (University of Chicago), Jill E. Lavigne, (Center of Excellence for Suicide Prevention, Department of Veterans Affairs, Canandaigua, New York), and J. John Mann (Columbia University), the paper was among the top 10 most talked about articles of 2022 published in JAMA Psychiatry. You can read more details here

Dr. Gibbons other paper, “Association between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality”  published in Nature Scientific Reports was ranked #1 in terms of attention for papers of a similar age in Nature Scientific Reports and #9 for all journals.

The paper discusses how vitamin D supplementation in our nation’s veterans was associated with significant reduction in COVID-19 infection and mortality rates. The paper was led by Dr. Gibbons’ son Jason Brian Gibbons Ph.D., a health economist and post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins University. To read more visit