2014-2015 Philosophy of Religions Workshop

  • Amy Hollywood: “On the True, the Real, and Critique in the Study of Religion”
  • Nicholas Adams: “Hegel’s Methodological Lessons for Philosophy of Religion Today”
  • Hannah Roh: “Interrogating Cross-Cultural Inquiry in Philosophy of Religions:  A Case Study of Self and Agency in Modern Korean Christianity.”
  • Zeke Goggin: “Selfhood and Sacrifice in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.”
  • Evan Kuehn: “From Postulates of Reason to Doctrines of Faith: On Doing Theology After Kant.”

2013-2014 Philosophy of Religions Workshop

  • Brook Ziporyn: A discussion on pedagogy in the philosophy of religions
  • William Robert: “Mystical Lips and Other Sexual Differences”
  • Joy Brennan: “On the Three Natures in Buddhist idealism”
  • Thomas A. Lewis: “Voids and Vistas: Missing Links Between Philosophy of Religion and the Discourse of Religious Studies”
  • Jan Westerhoff: “Current Research on Madhyamaka and the Śāstravid Project”
  • Douglas Hedley: “Plotinus and Images of Beauty”  (Co-sponsored with the Theology Workshop)
  • Anil Mundra: “Universalizing the Self: Deymythologization through Comparison of Epictetus and Śāntideva as Models of Philosophy as a Way of Life”
  • Jason Cather: “If conceivability doesn’t entail possibility, (how) can we argue for something’s possibility?”
  • Jeremy Biles: “Scrutinizing Bataille’s ‘Solar Anus’” (Co-sponsored with the Contemporary European Philosophy Workshop)
  • Alex Watson: “The Self as a Process: Rāmakaṇṭha’s Middle Ground Between Brahminical Eternalism and Buddhist Momentariness”
  • Joy Brennan: “Mind-Only in Vasubandhu’s Viṃśikābhāṣya”
  • Christian Coseru: “The Ineliminable Character of Reflexivity: What is at Stake in a Debate on Consciousness?”
  • Zeke Goggin: “Onto-theo-dicy: Historicism, Realism, and Sacrifice in the Works of Hegel”


  • 2012-2013 Philosophy of Religions Club
  • Pierre Julien Harter: “The concept of the path in Augustine and Haribhadra and its significance for philosophy”
  • Donata Schoeller: “Transformative Creativity. Meister Eckhart and Classical Pragmatism”
  • Dalmar Hussein: “The Beautiful Game? Soccer, Coetzee, and Wittgenstein”
  • Aleksander Uskokov: “The Vedāntic Hermeneutics of Jīva Gosvāmī”
  • Alex Orwin: “A discussion of Alfarabi”
  • Sam Shonkoff: “Unmediated Bodies”
  • Davey Tomlinson: “How to disappear completely, Or the use and abuse of annihilationism for Buddhist Studies”
  • Russel Johnson: “The Grammar of Religious Persuasion”
  • Evan Thompson: “Dreamless Sleep, The Embodied Mind and Consciousness: the Relevance of a Classical Indian Debate to Cognitive Science”
  • Johnathan Gold: Causality and the Emptiness of Doctrines: Vasubandhu’s Unifying Buddhist Vision
  • Zeke Goggin: On Lacan and the history of European Idealism
  • Dan Arnold: A discussion on pedagogy in the philosophy of religions
  • Carly Lane: Fleshly Sufficiency: Passionate Confession and the Temporality of Forgiveness: Toward a Comparative Study of Luther and Augustine
  • Sean Hannan: Retention Machine: The Possibility of Repetition in Augustine and Hegel
  • Sonam Kachru: A guided reading of Vasubandhu’s ‘Twenty Verses’
  • Stephan Walker: A guided reading of Leibniz’s Monadology
  • Robert Sharf: Thinking about Not Thinking: Buddhist Struggles with Mindlessness, Insentience, and Nirvana
  • Jacob Swenson: On the Evil in our Hearts: Kant’s Conception of Original Sin
  • Scott Ferguson: Syllogism (Plato, Theaetetus 184-187)
  • Anil Mundra: Clarifying Anekāntavāda: Anekāntavāda as Clarification

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