Anil Mundra @ TAPSA, Thursday 4:30pm

This is not an official PR Workshop event, but it’s in the family: Our coordinator, Anil Mundra, will present some of his own work on how one Indian philosopher addressed epistemological problems of religious diversity at our sister workshop, Theory and Practice in South Asia. That’s this Thursday, October 30, at 4:30pm in Foster 103 at the southeast corner of our University of Chicago campus. See flyer below.

New “Links” Page!

We’ve added a “Links” page to our website!  Here we’ve linked to associated workshops and organizations. Hopefully, with time, the list will grow in keeping with our commitment to interdisciplinarity!

Please feel free to peruse this new (and oh so exciting) content.

Monday, Monday, Monday!!

Nicholas Adams (University of Edinburgh)

“Hegel’s Methodological Lessons for Philosophy of Religion Today”

Monday, October 13


Swift 208

Lunch will be served

Hegel’s writings on religion have recently received enthusiastic embrace, qualified endorsement and sceptical refusal.  This paper inquires into the questions that his readers put or attribute to Hegel and considers the significance of their answers for the contemporary study of religious traditions, and especially for theology.

Nicholas Adams is Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh.  He has published on the relation of German Philosophy to Theology.  He is the author of Habermas and Theology (CUP 2006) and Eclipse of Grace: Divine and Human Action in Hegel (Blackwell 2013).

Preview: Amy Hollywood (Harvard)

In anticipation of what is certain to be a lively and stimulating talk, please check out this video from 2006 of Amy Hollywood‘s inaugural lecture as Harvard Divinity School’s Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies.  The talk was entitled “Acute Melancholia.”

Now that your intellectual appetite is whetted, we hope you will join us for prof. Hollywood’s talk this Friday at UChicago’s Swift Hall!


Amy Hollywood’s talk “On the True, the Real, and Critique in the Study of Religion” on Friday, October 10th at 3pm in the Common Room in Swift Hall.

Welcome to the Workshop!

Thanks to everyone who helped us chime in the new academic year yesterday! If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry — now is when the real work/fun begins. We will officially launch our year-long contemplation on the koan “What is the Philosophy of Religions?” with the illustrious
Amy Hollywood (Harvard) “On the True, the Real, and and Critique in the Study of Religion” on Friday, October 10th at 3pm in the Common Room in Swift Hall, right in the heart of the University of Chicago campus.

Then, hot on the heels of that talk, we will host a luncheon with the impressive
Nicholas Adams (Edinburgh): “Hegel’s Methodological Lessons for Philosophy of Religion Today” on Monday, October 13 at 12noon in Swift Hall room 208.

And then we’ll give you a little break. But not too much — because then we need to get to the REAL work/fun of the Workshop, namely, the student presentations. If you want to present any of your work-in-progress in November, or in Winter or Spring quarters, email me. It may be on any topic under the expansive umbrella of the philosophy of religions — the point is just to engage student work.