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Month: November 2015

R&HS Winter 2016 Schedule

We’re happy to announce the Religion & Human Science presentation schedule for the 2016 Winter quarter:

3rd Week (Jan 19) – Xiao-bo Yuan, Anthropology PhD candidate: ‘Public Undergrounds and Underground Publics’  on Christianity in China

4th Week (Jan 26) – Pete Faggen, Div School PhD student in History of Religions: ‘Authority Interrupted: Narrating Kalsang Drolma’s Altered Authority in Female Gungru Reincarnate Lineage in Post-1958 Tibetan Grasslands Community

6th Week (Feb 9) – Francis Mckay, Anthropology PhD candidate: on Eudaimonia and Teleology in contemporary American Buddhist communities

8th Week (Feb 23) – Nell Hawley, South Asian Language & Civ PhD student: on Sanskrit literary theory and/in the Mahabharata

10th Week (Mar 8) – Yulia Tsutserova, Div School PhD candidate in Religion & Literature: ‘Landscape as a Horizon of Religious Reflection in Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse’

 Please join us whenever you can!


Meeting Rescheduled: Jan 19

Be ye warned:

Xiao-bo Yuan’s presentation (originally scheduled for Dec 1), has been rescheduled for Tuesday, January 19.  There will be no workshop meeting this week, just go to the library and read instead.

Full Winter Quarter Schedule, coming soon!


Xiao-bo Yuan Presentation

Religion & Human Science/Global Chrisitianities Co-Sponsored Workshop Session

Please join both the R&HS and Global X-ianities workshops as they join forces to finish the quarter and welcome a presentation from Anthropology PhD candidate, Xiao-bo Yuan. We will meet at 5:00 pm Tuesday, Dec. 1, in Swift 208. Xiao-bo will present a chapter of her dissertation, which examines the status of Christianity in China. Her chapter is titled, ‘Public Undergrounds and Underground Publics.’ Contact Andrew for a copy of the paper:

Cameron Penwell Presentation

Please join us on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 5:00pm in Swift 208 for a presentation from Cameron Penwell, PhD candidate in History. Cameron will discuss his dissertation chapter entitled, “Protecting the Dharma, Protecting the Nation, Protecting the Weak: The Case of the Great Japan Buddhist Charity Society Foundation.” Feel free to contact Andrew for a copy of the paper: kunze