Research in Art & Visual Evidence


FALL 2022

October 19 | Trevor Brandt (PhD Student, Art History)
Folk Art Feminism: The Textile Diplomacy of Dr. Hanna Rydh”

November 2 | Claire Rich (MAPH Student, Art History)
Part Exhibition Catalogue, Part Artist’s Book: Categorizing the Artist’s Catalogue
Respondent: Cole Gruber (PhD Student, Art History)

November 16 | Elias Wagner (PhD Student, Art History, University of Basel)
Part Exhibition Catalogue, Part Artist’s Book: Categorizing the Artist’s Catalogue
Respondent: Spencer Wigmore (Curator, Amon Carter Museum of Art)

November 30 | Rowanne Dean (PhD Student, Art History)
“Valuing Virtuosity: Goldsmiths’ Work in Northwestern Europe, c. 1350–1500”
Respondent: Joseph Salvatore Ackley (Assistant Professor of Art History and Medieval Studies, Wesleyan University)


January 18 | Tanzima Chowdhury (MPCS Student) and Kyrin Hobson (MFA Candidate)
“Praxis Mapping: Visual Evidence and the Afterlife of Collaboration”

February 1 | Aaron Skarzenski (MAPH Student, Art History)
“Situating Audiences in Kimura Ryoko’s Ikemen”
Respondent: Taylor Stewart (PhD Student, Art History)

February 22 | Jesse Alperin (PhD Student, Art History and the Committee on Social Thought)
Evocative Form: Emile Gallé’s Drawing as Intimate, Imaginative, and Poetic Environments”
Respondent: Stephanie Strother (PhD Student, Art History)

March 1 | Melissa Robohn (MA Student, Divinity School)
“Mysteries of the 1546 Venetian Edition of Andrea Alciato’s ‘Emblematum Libellus’ and Evidence from its Illustrations”
Respondent: Edward Johnson (PhD Student, Art History and History)


March 20 | Jaś Elsner (Visiting Professor of Art and Religion, Divinity School and Art History; Professor of Late Antique Art, Oxford University)
“Making, Replication and Quality in Late Antique Art”
Respondent: May Peterson (PhD Student, Art History)

April 5 | Sarah Carter (Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History)
Rivalry, Identity and the Making of Aphorisms on Man
Respondent: Colin Jones (Visiting Professor of History; Professor of History, Queen Mary University of London)

May 3 [Presented jointly with VMPEA] | Alice Casalini (PhD Student, Art History)
“The Malleable Space of Gandhāran Art”
Respondent: Andrew Ollett (Assistant Professor, South Asian Languages and Civilizations)

March 20 | Savannah Marquardt (PhD Student, Art History, Yale University)
“The Invention of Greek Sculpture?”
Respondent: Richard Neer (Distinguished Service Professor, Art History and Cinema and Media Studies; Director of the Franke Institute for the Humanities)