Educational Innovation Challenge Grant

Building on the success of its programs supporting education-related research and community service, the Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) launched an Educational Innovation Challenge for University of Chicago students, focused on designing solutions to education-related problems facing Chicago neighborhoods and communities. Beginning in the fall of 2019, the HMSO will give grants to University of Chicago organizations to enable them to establish a competition for University of Chicago students to design solutions to education-related problems in Chicago and provide students the programming necessary for its success.


The grantee organization(s) will receive funding to design and implement an Educational Innovation Challenge program that provides selected teams of University and Chicago public high school students with some combination of the following: (1) programming to develop students’ understanding of local educational needs, challenges and opportunities; (2) support—including compensation for students’ time— to develop a viable business plan for an enterprise that addresses an authentic educational need and/or tangibly improves the skills of disadvantaged children or youth in Chicago; (3) infrastructure to help build their solutions, which could include innovative tools, products, interventions, or programs; and (4) the chance to compete for prize money and additional guidance and support to further develop and implement their ideas.