Nilanjan Das, Śrīharṣa on Two Paradoxes of Inquiry

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce our next Philosophy of Religions workshop. Prof. Nilanjan Das, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, will be joining us to present a chapter from his forthcoming monographThe Instability of Reason: Śrīharṣa on the Foundations of Epistemology (Oxford University Press), on the 12th-century Indian philosopher Śrīharṣa. Prof. Das works in formal epistemology as well as Indian philosophy, and his work has appeared in NoûsPhilosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Oxford Studies in Epistemology.

The talk will be held in Swift 207 at 4pm this Thursday, April 27th The workshop will be a presentation and discussion of a chapter from Prof. Das’s book (attached!), and anyone interested is warmly invited to participate!

Book Project

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The Workshop on the Philosophy of Religions is committed to being a fully accessible and inclusive workshop.  Please contact Workshop Coordinators Danica Cao (, Audrey Guilbault (, or John Marvin ( in order to make any arrangements necessary to facilitate your participation in workshop events.

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