Winter 2019 Schedule

We are excited to announce the Winter 2019 schedule for the Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop. For attendees of previous years, you may notice that we are experimenting with a new format, pairing graduate student presenters with faculty discussants. Our hope is that this format, in addition to providing the presenter with valuable feedback from faculty outside their committee, will also engender greater cross-disciplinary dialogue and offer new avenues for participation. The full schedule, including faculty discussants, can be found below.

Workshops are held on alternate (even week) Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm in the first floor seminar room of 5733 S. University Avenue, unless otherwise noted. Light refreshments will be provided.

January 15th: “Democratic Poesis: How to ParaSite on Publics, Pedagogy, and Play”
Omie Hsu, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, Political Science
Discussant: Michael Dango, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Humanities and English

January 29th: “Notice and Comment: Rhetorical Engagement and State Intervention in Title IX Adjudication”
Kathryn Hendricks, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Discussant: Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

February 12th: “New Bodies on Stage, New Voices on Tape: The Origins of Feminist Comedy”
Mariana Brandman, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, History
Discussant: Jane Dailey, Associate Professor of History

February 26th:  “Enter, The Furies: Democracy, Blood, and Difference in Hélène Cixous’ La Ville Parjure (1994)”
Agatha Slupek, CSGS Residential Fellow/Graduate Student, Political Science
Discussant: Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies

March 12th: “The Brothel as Gatekeeper of Whiteness”
Caroline Sequin, CSGS Residential Fellow/PhD Candidate, History
Discussant: Tara Zahra, Homer J. Livingston Professor, History

Papers are made available in advance via our email list. If you are interested in joining the email list, go to

If you have any questions or accommodation requests, please don’t hesitate to contact the workshop coordinator, Annie Heffernan, at


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