Fall 2015: Playing in Relation (Patrick Jagoda, English)

October 6: “Experimental Games: Gamification, Affect, and Non-Sovereign Play,” Patrick Jagoda, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature

October 20: “Selfies at Play: Activism and Identity Exploration in Zinnia Jones’ Self-Portraits,” Nicole Morse, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies

November 9: “Dancing, Drinking, All the Things that are Pleasant in this World’: Sex and Leisure Post-1945,” Peter McDonald, PhD Candidate, English Language and Literature

November 17: Play and the Foucauldian Subject,” Dawn Helphand, PhD Candidate, Committee on Social Thought

December 1: “Outside In: A (Female) Perspective on Designing (Different) Games,” Doris Rusch, Assistant Professor, DePaul University

Winter 2016: Gender and Work (Amanda Sharkey, Booth School of Business)

January 12: “Competing Desires: How Young Adult Couples Negotiate Moving for Career Opportunities,” Jaclyn Wong, PhD Candidate, Sociology

January 26: “Are Some Occupations More Family-Friendly than Others? The Effects of Occupational Contexts on Using Leave and Flexible Work Policies,” Youngjee Cha, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Indiana University

February 9: “Fitting in?: Gender and the Role of Preference for ‘Cultural Fit’ in Hiring,” Amanda Sharkey, Associate Professor of Organizations and Markets, Booth School of Business

February 23: “The Unequal Effects of Work Experience on Evaluations of Male and Female Professionals Leadership Traits,” Adilia E. E. James, Graduate Student in Sociology

March 8: “The Impact of Working Alone: The Experiences of Women in the Trucking Industry,” Jessica Zulema Borja, Graduate Student in Sociology.

Spring 2016: Gender, Sexuality, and the Transnational (Sonali Thakkar, English)

April 5: “Humanist Legacies, Anticolonial Pedagogies, and the Critique of Europe,” Sonali Thakkar, Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature

April 19: “Transnational and Virtual Space: Blurring Borders in Pursuit of the Imagined Future,” Lindsay Conklin, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development

May 3: “Echolocating Home: Voice and Space in Latife Tekin’s Dear Shameless Death and Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Life is a Caravanserai, Tristan Bates, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature

May 17, “Behave Yourself!–The Cultural Politics of PDA in Bombay/Mumbai,” Sneha Annavarapu, PhD Student, Sociology