Previous Schedules

Spring 2017: “Transnational Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality”  ( Curated by Susan Burns, History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations)

April 4th: “Human Rights, Biological Citizenship, and Reproductive Policy in Japan’s Leprosy Sanitaria,” Susan Burns, Associate Professor of History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago

April 18th“How to Write On Kinky Hair: Choice, Cultural Inscription and Embodied Black Femininity,” Shatema Threadcraft, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University

May 2nd“Aesthetic Surgery for the Masses: Beauty and Kulturnost of the Body,” Michaela Appeltova, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Chicago

May 16th“Veiled Voyagers: Translating Muslim Women’s Travel Writing from Asia and the Middle East.” Daniel Majchrowicz, Assistant Professor of South Asian Literature and Culture, Northwestern University

May 17th“Brides and Bachelors and the Making of Japanese America,” Sonia C. Gomez, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Chicago

May 30th“Change Without Protest: Discursive Strategies of LGBT Groups in Mainland China,” Caterina Fugazzola, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago

Winter 2017: Sex and Gender and the City (Forrest Stuart, Sociology)

January 10th, 2017:“Criminalized Masculinities: How Policing Shapes the Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Poor Black Communities.” Forrest Stuart, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago

January 24th, 2017: “Neoliberal Amman: Mapping the Middle Class as Reputational Community.” Lindsey Conklin, PhD Candidate in Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago 

February 7th, 2017: “Exile in Guyville, or The Stroller and the Damage Done: Women in Public, Gentrification, and the Politics of Blame,” Jeffrey Parker, PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Chicago

February 21st, 2017: “Brown and Gay in LA: Race, Masculinity, and Sexuality in the Immigrant City.” Anthony Ocampo, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Cal Poly Pomona

March 7th, 2017: “‘Brothel of the Pacific’: Laikini Wahine, Syphilis, and the Urban Regulation of Sex in Honolulu,” Christopher Kindell, PhD Candidate in History, University of Chicago

Spring 2015: Desire (Curated by Prof. Hillary Chute, English)

April 4th, 2015: “Translating Girls’ Empowerment: Cultural Brokers, Aspirant Feminism, and the Reproduction of the Ugandan Elite,” Erin Moore, PhD Candidate in Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago
April 28th, 2015: “Queer Approaches to Projection and Camera Movement in the 1980s-90s,” Solveig Nelson, PhD Candidate in Art History, University of Chicago
May 14th, 2015: “‘Flame On!’ Nuclear Families, Unstable Molecules, and the Queer History of the Fantastic Four,” Ramzi Fawaz, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin
May 26th, 2015: “Nietzsche Turns the Other Cheek,” Sam Galloway, PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Chicago
June 9th, 2015: “When Nothing Is Cool,” Lisa Ruddick (Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago),

Winter 2015: Gender and Slavery, Curated By: Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Associate Professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies, University of Chicago

January 20th, 2015: “Gender and Enslavement: A Methodological Overture,” Reginald Jackson (Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago) and Agnes Lugo-Ortiz (Associate Professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies, University of Chicago),

February 3rd, 2015:“The Whole Population Bears the Marks of Bondage”: Clothing, Gender, and Transformation in the Era of Emancipation,” Sarah Weicksel, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Chicago

February 17th, 2015:Me Deram Uma Oportunidade: The Domestic Workers’ Union in Salvador and the National Federation of Domestic Workers (FENATRAD),” Jaira Harrington, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science

March 3rd, 2015: “A Conversation on the Visual Construction of Mulatas: Slavery and Abolition in the Spanish- and English-speaking Colonial Caribbean, Kay Dian Kriz (Professor Emerita of History of Art and Architecture, Brown University) and Agnes Lugo Ortiz (Associate Professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies)

Fall 2014: Subjectivity and Social Life: New Perspectives, Curated by Lisa Ruddick (Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago)

October 14th, 2014: “Queer Philology and Chronic Pain,” Michael Snediker, Associate Professor of English, University of Houston
October 23rd, 2014: “Gut Feminism: Depression and Mood Beyond Mind.” Elizabeth Wilson, Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Emory University
October 28th, 2014: “‘Our’ Aesthetic Category: Camp and the Queerness of Distribution,” Michael Dango, Graduate Student, English, University of Chicago
November 11th, 2014: “The Continuum of Sexual Violence: The Realities of Post-Conflict Prostitution in Northern Uganda,” Amanda Blair, PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Chicago

GSSW 2013-14 Schedule:

10/15/13: Dr. Kristen Schilt, Sociology, University of Chicago, “The Pleasures of Gender: A Social Analysis”

10/29/13: Monica Mercado, History, University of Chicago, “Queer on the Quads: Gender and Sexuality in the University Archives”

11/12/13: Dr. Christina Nippert-Eng, Sociology, Illinois Institute of Technology, “Privacy Socialization”

11/26/13: Cayce Hughes, Sociology, University of Chicago, “Who Gets to Keep Secrets? A Sociological Approach to Disclosure”

1/7/14: Lauren Berlant, English, University of Chicago, “Sex in the Event of Happiness”

1/21/14: Sam Galloway, Political Science, University of Chicago, “Cruising Foucault: Sex, Ethics, and Politics”

2/4/14: Mel Y. Chen, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of California Berkeley, “Material Alliance”

3/4/14: Amanda Leigh Davis, English, University of Chicago, “The Living Coffin and the Vacated Tomb: Reanimated Women in Poe, Hawthorne, and Faulkner”

4/1/14: Hillary Chute, English, University of Chicago, “Bodies in the Classroom”

4/22/14: Tadhi Coulter, Institute for Graduate Studies in Visual Art, “Embodiments of Transformation: Image-Texts of Sovereignty in Comedic Performances of Good Times”

4/29/14: Jill Weinberg, Sociology, Northwestern University, “Law, Consent, and Embodiment”

5/13/14: Riva Lehrer, Artist, Chicago, “Beauty in Exile”

5/27/14: Margaret Fink, English, University of Chicago, “The Graphic Ordinary: Worlding, Race, and the Appearance of Disability in Chris Ware’s Building Stories

GSSW 2012-13 Schedule:

10/9/12: Claire McKinney, Political Science, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Ultrasounds, Abortions, and Medicalized Citizenship”

10/23/12: Kimba Tichenor, History, University of Chicago, “Women’s Ordination and the West German Catholic Church: Sacramentality and Gendered Bodies”

11/6/12: Christine Froula, English, Comparative Literary Studies, & Gender Studies at Northwestern University, Title: “James Joyce and the Prostitute”

11/20/12: Ainsley LeSure, Political Science, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “The Political Problem of Oppression: No Appearance, No Public Space, No Plurality, Just Abundant Isolation”
Co-sponsor: Political Theory Workshop

12/4/12: Melissa Hardesty, Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Social Work Labor and the Mother Functions: Money, Biology, and Work in a Concurrent Planning Adoption Program”

1/15/13:Monica L. Mercado, History, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Consecrating Her Pen: Women’s Work for the Catholic Publication Society”
*Co-sponsored by the Religions in America Workshop

1/24/13: Emily Remus, History, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Chicago’s Congestion Crisis: Women Shoppers and the Uses of the Streets, 1897-1912”
*Co-sponsored with the Social History Workshop

2/12/13: Elise Kramer, Anthropology, University of Chicago, “‘Enemies’ of Free Speech: Political Correctness, Feminism, and the Anti-American”

3/8/13:Mehammed Mack, French Literature, Columbia University, “Integrated Beauty: Self-image and Gender Politics in the Study of French Urban Youth”
Co-sponsor: Self and Subjectivity Workshop

3/12/13:Mary Adekoya, Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Tales of Big Men and Big Women: Observation on Nollywood Narrative and Genre”

4/9/13: Claire Laurier Decoteau, Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago, “You Can’t Eat Love: ‘Getting By’ in South Africa’s Transactional Sexual Economy”

4/23/13: Alice VandeVusse, Sociology, University of Chicago, “Reproduction without Men?: The Framing of Sperm Donors by Lesbians and Single Women”

5/7/13: Sarah Rodriguez, Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Northwestern University, “The Husband’s Stitch: Episiotomy and Episiotomy Repair, 1920-2006”

5/21/13: Abigail Ocobock, Sociology, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Gay Men and Lesbians’ Experiences and Understandings of Community in the Context of Legal Marriage”

6/4/13: Jay Sosa, Anthropology, University of Chicago, “The Sense of Homophobia, The Feel of Statistics, and Hate Crimes Legislation in Brazil”

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