GSSW 2012-13 Schedule:

10/9/12: Claire McKinney, Political Science, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Ultrasounds, Abortions, and Medicalized Citizenship”

10/23/12: Kimba Tichenor, History, University of Chicago, “Women’s Ordination and the West German Catholic Church: Sacramentality and Gendered Bodies”

11/6/12: Christine Froula, English, Comparative Literary Studies, & Gender Studies at Northwestern University, Title: “James Joyce and the Prostitute”

11/20/12: Ainsley LeSure, Political Science, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “The Political Problem of Oppression: No Appearance, No Public Space, No Plurality, Just Abundant Isolation”
Co-sponsor: Political Theory Workshop

12/4/12: Melissa Hardesty, Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Social Work Labor and the Mother Functions: Money, Biology, and Work in a Concurrent Planning Adoption Program”

1/15/13:Monica L. Mercado, History, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Consecrating Her Pen: Women’s Work for the Catholic Publication Society”
*Co-sponsored by the Religions in America Workshop

1/24/13: Emily Remus, History, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Chicago’s Congestion Crisis: Women Shoppers and the Uses of the Streets, 1897-1912”
*Co-sponsored with the Social History Workshop

2/12/13: Elise Kramer, Anthropology, University of Chicago, “‘Enemies’ of Free Speech: Political Correctness, Feminism, and the Anti-American”

3/8/13:Mehammed Mack, French Literature, Columbia University, “Integrated Beauty: Self-image and Gender Politics in the Study of French Urban Youth”
Co-sponsor: Self and Subjectivity Workshop

3/12/13:Mary Adekoya, Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Tales of Big Men and Big Women: Observation on Nollywood Narrative and Genre”

4/9/13: Claire Laurier Decoteau, Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago, “You Can’t Eat Love: ‘Getting By’ in South Africa’s Transactional Sexual Economy”

4/23/13: Alice VandeVusse, Sociology, University of Chicago, “Reproduction without Men?: The Framing of Sperm Donors by Lesbians and Single Women”

5/7/13: Sarah Rodriguez, Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Northwestern University, “The Husband’s Stitch: Episiotomy and Episiotomy Repair, 1920-2006”

5/21/13: Abigail Ocobock, Sociology, University of Chicago, CSGS Fellow, “Gay Men and Lesbians’ Experiences and Understandings of Community in the Context of Legal Marriage”

6/4/13: Jay Sosa, Anthropology, University of Chicago, “The Sense of Homophobia, The Feel of Statistics, and Hate Crimes Legislation in Brazil”