The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

April 10, 2017
by Leitner

Spring 2017

Please find below EthNoise’s meetings for Spring 2017. We meet in Goodspeed Hall 205 from 4.30-6pm on Thursdays. All are welcome to attend!

3/30: Dr Janie Cole (University of Cape Town) – presentation and workshop on music in South African apartheid jails.

4/14-17: Dr Richard Wolf (Harvard University) – weekend workshop on creative ethnography (Fri/Mon) and public lecture (Fri).

4/27: Anjelica Corbett and Erol Koymen, PhD Students in Ethnomusicology – presentation of conference paper and article, respectively.

5/11: Dr Nancy Murphy, Lecturer in Music Theory (University of Chicago) – workshop on transcription article.

5/18: Various PhD Students in Ethnomusicology – lightning talks about dissertation proposal topics.