The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

April 24, 2013
by lshearing

April 25 – Suzi Wint

Come one, come all! This Thursday, we will feature a job talk by Suzi Wint, who recently defended her dissertation. The abstract is below, and refreshments will be served.

Thursday, April 25
4:30 pm
Goodspeed 205

Classical Music and Christianity: A Migrated Practice as Ugandan Everyday

Though East African cultural practices such as novel-writing and theatre performance have been scrutinized for hints of European colonization, classical music has not undergone such public processes in Uganda. I argue that Kampala’s classical musicians see Western art music as linked to Christianity, rather than colonization. As such, it has “indigenized” along with Christianity, and at least in current imagination is part of a transnational practice through Anglican and Roman Catholic relationships, rather than being seen as a residue of colonization. Kampalans’ use of transnational networks help make classical music part of a Ugandan everyday.

April 15, 2013
by lshearing

April 18 – Andrew Mall offers a gamelan workshop

EthNoise! The Ethnomusicology Workshop invites you to a special lecture/workshop introduction to central Javanese gamelan. Ethnomusicologist Andrew Mall, an instructor in the Department of Music, at DePaul University School of Music, and the education coordinator for Friends of the Gamelan, will lead participants through the major instruments of this traditional percussion orchestra, with roots in the royal courts of Indonesia. We will learn some basic features of gamelan music, discuss the different roles of individual instruments in the ensemble, and learn to perform a short piece. No experience in gamelan or percussion instruments is needed or expected.

When: Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 4:30
Where: we will meet at Hyde Park Union Church on the corner of 56th and Woodlawn. Use the entrance on 56th, ring the buzzer for the ‘Fireplace Room,’ and identify yourself as part of EthNoise. The gamelan room is down the stairs and at the end of the
hall once you enter the building.

April 2, 2013
by lshearing

April 5 – Karl Swinehart

Welcome back for the Spring Quarter! Our first workshop is co-sponsored with the Music History/Theory Workshop, and features Karl Swinehart, Collegiate Assistant Professor of the Humanities at the University of Chicago. Professor Swinehart will be discussing hip-hop collective Wayna Rap’s work and the sociocultural milieu from which they emerge and, in turn, actively reshape, drawing on interviews with these artists and analyses of their lyrics and videos to illuminate the changing conditions of indigeneity in this corner of contemporary Bolivian society. The paper is available below. Please join us!

When: Friday, April 5, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Where: Regenstein library, room 264

Who: ALL the music heads!

Swinehart Pre-Circulation