The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

April 25 – Suzi Wint

Come one, come all! This Thursday, we will feature a job talk by Suzi Wint, who recently defended her dissertation. The abstract is below, and refreshments will be served.

Thursday, April 25
4:30 pm
Goodspeed 205

Classical Music and Christianity: A Migrated Practice as Ugandan Everyday

Though East African cultural practices such as novel-writing and theatre performance have been scrutinized for hints of European colonization, classical music has not undergone such public processes in Uganda. I argue that Kampala’s classical musicians see Western art music as linked to Christianity, rather than colonization. As such, it has “indigenized” along with Christianity, and at least in current imagination is part of a transnational practice through Anglican and Roman Catholic relationships, rather than being seen as a residue of colonization. Kampalans’ use of transnational networks help make classical music part of a Ugandan everyday.

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