Summer Institute in
Social Research Methods

June 22—July 24, 2020

Gain knowledge and experience in social scientific research
to expand your education and career options.

We are surrounded by ever-more data and technologies that are changing how we experience the world. Regardless of your academic or career aspirations, developing a strong understanding of social research methods and applications is an important foundation to knowing what all that information means and why it matters. Social research methods help us learn about people and societies through collecting, analyzing and interpreting data.

The University of Chicago’s Summer Institute in Social Research Methods combines classroom instruction, workshops, and hands-on research experience for undergraduate and early-career graduate students. This five-week session offers accelerated training in theoretically-grounded research methodologies to better understand and develop more informed policy and program solutions to real-world problems, including challenges in public health, criminal justice, economics, human development and other areas.

The Institute is a program of the Division’s Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC). Established in Fall 2017, the SSRC fosters team-based and multi-method collaborative approaches to understanding complex social problems.