SISRM Alumni

About Our Students

Since its pilot in 2018, SISRM has grown from just one course and a handful of students to a robust program of 8 courses, daily workshops, and 125+ student participants.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and possess a variety of academic and professional skills and goals. In our most recent cohort the student body included UChicago undergraduates participating in the RA fellows program, visiting undergraduate students in the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Summer Research Training Program (MMUF SRTP), and pre-college students from the Laboratory Schools and the Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) Summer Lab program.

SISRM fellows complete the program well-positioned for future academic and research pursuits. Throughout the program, fellows are exposed to programming and career resources that focus on thinking critically and creatively about skills and their applications.

2022 Summer Institute in Social Research Methods cohort in front of the Art Institute of Chicago.

2023 SISRM Cohort at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

SISRM RA Fellows

A core component of the Summer Institute is the Research Assistant program. The fellows who participate in this program work as part-time assistants on ongoing faculty projects throughout the University. For many students, this experience is the first introduction to a large academic research project.

Our alumni build on the skills gained during the RA program to pursue additional research opportunities, both on and off campus. Many view the RA program as a building block for their own academic pursuits and use the skills developed and relationships made to complete a BA thesis.


79 undergraduates and 54 faculty members participated in the RA fellows program in Summer 2023.


Denesha G. smiling

Alumni Spotlight: Denesha G.

Denesha G. (2024) In Summer 2022, the Social Sciences Division and the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods welcomed its inaugural cohort of 5 visiting students from Chicago State University (CSU). Each of these 5 students chose a methods course to take,...

Introducing the 2022-23 SISRM Ambassadors

2022-2023 SISRM AMBASSADORS The Summer Institute in Social Research Methods welcomes our 2022-2023 ambassadors! These are students that have participated in our program and who will serve as liaisons between us and our wider community for the academic year. We wanted...
Giuseppe D.

Alumni Spotlight: Giuseppe D.

Giuseppe D. (2024) Giuseppe is a third year student in the College majoring in Economics, and minoring in Molecular Engineering. Before moving to Chicago to start his undergraduate studies, Giuseppe went to Ladue Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis. In 2019, he...
SISRM Fellow Gabriella S.

Spotlight: Gabriella S.

Gabriella S. (Class of 2024) Gabriella is a third year student in the College majoring in Psychology. Her personal academic interests include moral and developmental psychology, as well as abstract topics such as happiness and meaning. This summer, Gabriella enrolled...
SISRM fellow Adam D. posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Spotlight: Adam D.

Adam D. (Class of 2025) Adam is a second-year student in the College majoring in Sociology. He is interested in parasocial relationships, which consists of applying socio-cultural theory to sociological practice, as well as consumerism and advertising. Additionally,...


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