Participants of the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods supplement their coursework with daily SISRM workshops that focus on developing additional professional skills for use in and outside of the academy. Workshops include talks from UChicago faculty about their early-stage research projects, hands-on projects in academic writing, research, and research programs, and field visits to view research in practice within the Chicago area.

Workshops are open to all participants of the Summer Institute. Workshops are mandatory for students who receive research assistantships through the Summer Institute.

Workshop Schedule

All talks will be held from Noon-1:30pm.

Lunch will be provided.


Stay tuned for the 2020 workshop lineup!

The SISRM research assistantship offered me new skills to work with—it was really a fun experience for me. I learned a bunch of new things I can use later in my career.

Cyrus C.


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