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Answers to your 2024
Application Questions

In the courses section of the application, should I add the courses I'm currently enrolled in as well as the courses I am planning to take before the summer?

If you are a UChicago student, you can just leave that section blank. If you are a UChicago Lab student, an Insper student, or a CSU student, you can add up to 3 courses that you think are relevant to your SISRM application. This is optional. 

Will SISRM be in-person in Summer 2024?

SISRM will offer hybrid programming in summer 2024. Some classes are offered virtually, workshops will be held in-person and live-streamed for those participating virtually, and many RAships are offered as remote opportunities.

Do I have to be in Chicago to participate in the RA program?

UChicago undergraduates who cannot stay in Chicago during the summer may participate in our remote coursework and workshop offerings. Students who opt for remote programming will be paired with remote RAships.

When will I hear back about the status of my application?

The tentative timeline for SISRM’s 2024 application is as follows:


  • Submit an application to participate in the program


  • Receive notification of RA awards (matches are made by SISRM) by March 22



  • June 10–July 12
    • Participate in the Practice of Social Scientific Research;
    • Complete the summer methodologies course;
  • June 10–September 29
    • Complete work on the Summer RA project

What is the Summer Quarter time commitment?

Students in the RA program should expect to commit 315–365 hours for the 10-week summer program:

  • 100–150 hours for coursework
    Courses are condensed 10-week courses and meet all requirements for a standard 100 unit class. As such, students participating in SISRM coursework should expect to dedicate 6–10 hours per week to class time. In addition, we recommend allocating 2–4 hours per day to homework/study time. This time commitment will vary student by student.


  • 55 hours for workshops and excursions
    Workshops meet for the first 5 weeks of Summer Quarter for 75–90 minutes during the lunch hour (lunch is provided). Field trips typically take 2–4 hours and occur on Fridays.


  • 160 hours for the RAship
    RAships require a 160 hour commitment and can be divided up throughout the Summer according to the project’s needs and the RA’s schedule.

RA Program Eligibility and Participation

Who is eligible to participate in SISRM?

SISRM courses are open to:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled at the University of Chicago;
  • Fourth-year College students pursuing an MA degree through the Division of Social Sciences in the following academic year;
  • Incoming College students (students who will be first-years during the subsequent academic year);
  • Undergraduate students participating in SISRM’s partner programs with Chicago State University and Insper;
  • Visiting College students-at-large; and
  • Visiting undergraduate summer students;

The SISRM RA program is open to:

  • First- through third-year undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at the University of Chicago;
  • Fourth-year College students pursuing an MA degree through the Division of Social Sciences in the following academic year;
  • Undergraduate students participating in SISRM’s partner programs with Chicago State University and Insper

How do I participate in the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods?

Students may participate in one of two ways:

  1. All student groups listed previously can register for a SISRM methodologies course and participate in daily Practice of Social Sciences Research workshop in June and July; or

  2. UChicago College and accepted Chicago State and Insper students can register for a SISRM methodologies course, participate in the workshop, and apply for a funded RA position with a UChicago faculty member.
    • If you wish to participate in the RAship, you will apply to SISRM by filling out an application. The application will ask you for information about your course interests as well as a series of questions that will help us match you to an RA project. Once you have been admitted to the program, we will provide you with information about how to register for courses. Please note: Course registration alone does not automatically put you in the SISRM RA program. You must submit an application to participate in the RAship portion of SISRM.

I previously participated in SISRM, may I apply again?

Students may apply to participate in SISRM more than once, however, SISRM cannot prioritize repeat applicants in the application review process. In addition, repeat applicants who are admitted to the program are expected to take a new SISRM course (no substitutions) and participate in the workshop series. If you have questions about new RA opportunities for the summer, please reach out to SISRM staff for guidance. 

May I participate in the SISRM RA program AND hold a secondary internship?

Due to the time commitment required for SISRM, we discourage students from over-committing to more than one intensive summer program. However, it is feasible for most students to maintain part-time employment while participating in SISRM.

I've been matched to an RA position, can I request a re-match?

No, we do not re-match projects once the initial match has been made.

SISRM’s student/RA Project matching process is intensive and requires careful consideration of your application materials, academic goals, and skills and the way they align with the project needs of our faculty applicants. In addition to the complexity of matching students to projects, we typically have a long waitlist for positions in the RA program. For these reasons, we do not re-match students to program once awards have been made.


Course Information

How many courses are required to participate in the SISRM RA Program?

Students participating in the RA program through SISRM are required to take at least one of the methodology courses offered through SISRM. Students may take more than one course if desired. Courses may not be substituted.

Course Exceptions

All students participating in the SISRM RA program are required to take one of the SISRM-sponsored courses. No exceptions will be made and no alternative/substitute courses will be permitted.

SISRM designs its programming to work in tandem with the summer course offerings, most of which differ slightly from their academic year counterparts. If you have already taken a methodology course for your major, we encourage you to examine the other course offerings to see what might complement your academic interests. Most majors and many minors will count a course by petition if they are not already cross-listed.

May I take an in-person course virtually?

No. Our courses are not set up for hybrid participation. All in-person courses must be taken in-person at the time of their offering. 

Are the courses synchronous or asynchronous?

All SISRM courses, virtual and in-person, are offered as synchronous courses. Registered students should expect to participate in the course at the listed time.

Will I receive credit for these courses?

Yes. All UChicago students who register for one of the SISRM methodologies courses will receive 100 units of course credit on their transcripts. In addition, in many cases, the courses may be used to satisfy major or minor requirements.

How do I register for classes?

UChicago undergraduates self-register for summer quarters through my.uchicago.edu. To register, you must first activate the Summer term. Follow the activation guidelines to do so. All other students will receive direct information about course registration once they have applied and been admitted to the program.

Cost and
Financial Aid

How much does the program cost?

The Summer Institute in Social Research Methods does not charge a program registration fee. Students must pay tuition for each methodology course taken through Summer Session because the courses are credit-bearing.

  • Current College students will find tuition information on the Summer session website;
  • Graduate students and fourth-year students pursuing a divisional MA should reach out to their Dean of Students office with tuition and registration questions.

Where can I find information about summer financial aid?

  • Financial aid may be available for eligible domestic and international UChicago College students who will be enrolled in courses during the Summer Quarter (including the September Session). For more information on summer financial aid, please visit the financial aid website.
  • Current UChicago College students who have additional funding for summer through a special scholars status, fellowship, or award, should discuss summer support with the appropriate program adviser.

SISRM RA Stipend

SISRM Fellows receive $5,000 stipends to support their RA work. Stipends are issued at the beginning of Summer Quarter in one lump sum. 


Is housing included?

SISRM does not provide housing for the summer program. Information about campus housing can be found on the College’s summer session webpage.

Some resources for investigating off-campus housing:

  • Chicago Maroon Marketplace (great for finding sublets)
  • The OIA has a wealth of resources related to finding off-campus housing: check out their guide.
  • Though created for graduate students, UChicago grad has a guide with some useful information about neighborhood property management services.

Please note that the University does not endorse or promote any specific company, vendor, or rental agent; the companies mentioned here are offered for informational purposes only.

Summer Quick Links

If you’ll be in Chicago for the duration of Summer Quarter, we encourage you to explore the city! The following links/resources will help you get to know the city: