• What is the status of the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods in Summer 2020?
    SISRM is on for Summer 2020! We’ll be moving all coursework, workshops, and the vast majority of RAships online.
  • Who is eligible to participate in SISRM in Summer Quarter 2020?
    • All students who plan to take one of the methodology courses affiliated with SISRM are welcome to participate in the workshop series
    • UChicago 1-3 year College students, 4th year College students pursuing an MA degree through the Division of Social Sciences in AY 2020-21he Division of the Social Sciences
    • UChicago Summer Session, and UChicago Laboratory Schools are collaborating to provide opportunities for rising seniors and recent alumni to apply for this year’s program.
  • How do I participate in the Summer Institute in Social Research Methods?
    Students may participate in one of two ways:
    • Students can register for a SISRM methodologies course and participate in daily Practice of Social Sciences Research workshop in June and July; or
    • UChicago College students and accepted UChicago Lab students can register for a SISRM methodologies course, participate in the workshop, and apply for a funded RA position with a UChicago faculty member.


  • How many courses are required to participate in the SISRM RA Program?
    Students participating in the RA program through SISRM are required to take at least one of the methodologies courses
  • May I take more than one methodology course through SISRM?
    Absolutely! As you are selecting your course load, please do think about what the course load will looked like in a condensed 5-week period. Each summer course, regardless of length, is the equivalent of a full quarter-long (10 week) course, and meets for at least 30 contact hours.
  • Will I receive credit for these courses?
    All UChicago students who register for one of the SISRM methodologies courses will receive course credit on their transcripts. In addition, in many cases, the courses may be used to satisfy major or minor requirements.
  • How much does the program cost?
    The Summer Institute in Social Research Methods does not charge a program registration fee. Students must pay tuition for each methodology course taken through Summer Session.
    • Current College students will find tuition information for Summer 2020 here.
    • Graduate students should reach out to Brett Baker (bbaker@uchicago.edu) with tuition and registration questions.  
    • Tuition information for all other students can be found here.