Cytometry and Antibody Technology

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Welcome to the Cytometry and Antibody Technology Core Facility

a Comprehensive Cancer Center Core

Cancer Center members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA014599) when publishing any work assisted by this core facility.

Welcome New Users!

Instructions for getting trained to use CAT Facility instruments and the available services can be found on our New User page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the CAT Facility Staff.

Institute for Translational Medicine Core Facility Grant

The ITM wants to help you take advantage of core facility resources, awarding up to $5,000 to offset any costs associated with using one of UChicago’s Core Facilities.

Instrument Status

The CAT Facility staff works hard to ensure the instruments are working properly. In the event that there are ongoing issues with any of the instruments the status will posted at the bottom of this page.

Spectral Flow Cytometry

Get started in the spectral flow cytometry world


What Else is on the Internets? – The Bumbling Biochemist

The best things on LinkedIn come from YouTube. This is where I found this impressive off-the-cuff introduction to SRLs. That person is not at the UoC, and our CAT facility stands for something else. But yeah, a core dedicated to random advanced equipment sounds like a...

Please meet Mr. Jacques Parker Leclerc

Hello all! It's my great pleasure to introduce Mr. Jacques Parker Leclerc to the world. This fine strapping 7.7 lbs boy was born on June 4th! Since then, his career has skyrocketed: he's been named employee of the month at the CAT Facility for the five last years...

Instrument Status

See notes below if bars are yellow or red. Click on each instrument to access the instrument-specific page.


  • No Issues 0% 0%
  • Minor issues 0% 0%
  • Can not be used 0% 0%
  • Aurora-B
  • Aurora-R
  • Penteon 5-30
  • Fortessa 4-15
  • Fortessa HTS 4-15
  • Attune NxT 4-14
  • LSRII 4-12
  • Bigfoot
  • Aria Fusion 5-18
  • AriaIII
  • Tyto
  • Jonas Center Quanteon
  • PME Fortessa
  • PME Aurora
  • Helios Mass Cytometer
  • Image Stream MarkII
  • Luminex 200
  • MSD Quickplex SQ120

LSRII issue: The laser alignment is completely off, we’ll give a shot a fixing this on our own, but will contact BD service if it can’t be done in a timely fashion.

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