Cytometry and Antibody Technology

The Flood of `21

Updated 07/16/21
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Welcome to the Cytometry and Antibody Technology Core Facility

a Comprehensive Cancer Center Core

Cancer Center members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA014599) when publishing any work assisted by this core facility.

New Cell Sorter in the CAT Facility: The MACSQuant Tyto

The New MACSQuant Tyto cell sorter is specifically designed for sterility and biosafety.


The Flood of `21

The CAT Facility got flooded over the weekend and we want to provide as much up-to-date information about the situation and what we're doing about it. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Check back again here for the most recent updates....

On Brightness

I've been thinking about brightness in flow cytometry lately. It's a simple enough concept, but it's one of these things where you start thinking about it and you may quickly get lost in the numerous moving parts. One could argue that what people really care about is...

Instrument Status

  • Aurora-B
  • Aurora-G
  • Fortessa X20 5-18
  • Fortessa 4-15
  • Fortessa HTS 4-15
  • Attune NxT 4-14
  • LSRII 4-12
  • Aria Fusion 5-18
  • AriaII
  • Tyto
  • Jonas Center Quanteon
  • PME Fortessa
  • PME Aurora
  • Helios Mass Cytometer
  • Image Stream MarkII
  • Luminex 200
  • MSD Quickplex SQ120

The Flood of 21 – A water pipe burst in the lab and water damage was caused to the Fortessa X20, the Aurora G and B, and the Attune. We’ll provide more details as we continue to monitor the situation. The instruments will remain down until further notice. Contact the CAT staff if you need assistance.

Aurora-G issue: SIT sensor malfunctioning. Before you get started running tubes, you’ll need to run the Calibrate SIT function under the Cytometer menu. The SIT should fully extend and then retract the distance entered on the Calibrate SIT window. If the SIT is too far from the bottom of the tube after retracting, lower the lift distance incrementally. If the SIT is still pressed against the bottom of the tube after retracting, raise the lift distance. We are waiting for Cytek to release a hardware upgrade that will take care of the issue.

AriaII issue: The sample chamber is not pressurizing. We are waiting on a service engineer to schedule a visit.