Cytometry and Antibody Technology

COVID 19 and CAT Facility Operation News

Updated 10/05/20
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Welcome to the Cytometry and Antibody Technology Core Facility

a Comprehensive Cancer Center Core

Cancer Center members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA014599) when publishing any work assisted by this core facility.

New Cell Sorter in the CAT Facility: The MACSQuant Tyto

The New MACSQuant Tyto cell sorter is specifically designed for sterility and biosafety.


“Aria Kiddin’ Me?”: PC Troubleshooting in the CAT Facility

PC issues can be a real showstopper in a flow core, and a humbling one at that. Even for those who spend much of their workweek maintaining and repairing complicated – and expensive! – flow cytometers, fixing an unresponsive keyboard or Blue Screen of Death can be...

Instrument Status

  • Aurora-B
  • Aurora-G
  • Fortessa X20 5-18
  • Fortessa 4-15
  • Fortessa HTS 4-15
  • Attune NxT 4-14
  • LSRII 4-12
  • Accuri C6
  • Aria Fusion 5-18
  • AriaIIIu
  • AriaII
  • PME Fortessa
  • PME Aurora
  • Helios Mass Cytometer
  • Image Stream MarkII
  • Luminex 200
  • MSD Quickplex SQ120

AriaIIIu issues: The computer got fried (again) and we are looking for a permanent solution to this issue. The YG laser also needs to be replaced.

Accuri C6 issue: Fluidics issue. We will replace a number a faulty valves in the hopes of resolving the problem. The instrument is no longer supported by the manufacturer, so if we can’t resolve the issue, the Accuri will be removed from the instrument roster.