Cytometry and Antibody Technology

Analysis Software Site License

FCS Express

Available: FCS Express Flow Cytometry and FCS Express Image Cytometry

Familiar interface that facilitates presentation of the data

Spreadsheet feature that can incorporate graphs values that updates automatically when the gates are modified

Wide range of analysis tool available, including modelization, unsupervised clustering, R scripts

See this introduction video for more information

You will first need an account on the DeNovo Software website.

Register here for the FCS Express 7 Flow Cytometry license
Register here for the FCS Express 7 Imaging Cytometry license

Download the software and install – choose ‘Stand Alone’ when prompted.

Run FCS Express 7. Follow the steps in the configuration file wizard.
Choose the 1st option for “Automatically through this wizard, I already have a De Novo Software account”.
– Enter your De Novo Software Account credentials.
– Choose configuration file for your Flow Cytometry site license.
– Complete the wizard and FCS Express 7 will launch.

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Get help from Technical Support

Get your account on the DeNovo Software website and to access the training material

DeNovo Software YouTube Channel


The most popular flow cytometry analysis software

Unique interface has a bit of a learning curve, but is a favorite with advanced users who like to perform complex and in-depth analyses

Wide range of analysis tools available, including clustering, visualization, dimensionality reduction

Plots and statistics are easily exported to be used in your graphing and figure-creation software of choice

Portal is FlowJo’s web-based site license management tool. It provides increased flexibility to users by allowing them to manage their own seat on the license through the website. These seats are available:
Personal seat license:
– The account is linked to your own email address
– You’ll be allowed to use FlowJo on up to 4 computers (one at a time)
– Management of these computers is done through the FlowJo portal
Shared Computer license
– The seat is linked to the hardware address of the computer where FlowJo will be used
– Best for computers shared within the same laboratory
SeqGeq seat
– scRNA sequencing data analysis software
-Seats for that software needs to be ordered, contact the facility for information

As of March 2020, we’ll start switching to the FlowJo Portal. This online-based system will allow you to log in to the software using your Portal ID on up to four computers. Follow these steps to get started:

– Download/install FlowJo here. (Please note: the portal works with v.10.5 or higher)

Contact the CAT Facility staff to be added to the site license.

Personal Seat
1 – Contact the CAT Facility Staff
2 – You will receive an invitation email directing you to create your account on the FlowJo Portal
3 – Open the software and register following these instructions

Shared computer seat
Contact the CAT staff with the HWA of the computer that will be shared in your group. Every user will still need an account on the FlowJo Portal – using your email address. The account is free however, only the seat will be charged.

SeqGeq seat
The scRNA sequencing analysis software is also available through the CAT site license. We can request seats on your behalf which will provide you with a discount starting at 10% (scalable with the number of users on the site license)
Contact the CAT Facility staff to request a seat.

Site license billing model

Both De Novo software and FlowJo charges the CAT Facility for every active licenses. The CAT Facility then send an invoice to each participating research group in accordance to their participation.

The licenses are invoiced once a year, but charge on a quarterly basis. It is the users responsibility to let the inform the CAT Facility on any affiliation change or when the license needs to be closed.