Cytometry and Antibody Technology

CAT RRP - Phase 3

Accessibility and Staffing
The CAT Facility will be accessible 24/7. Limitations to the number of users are described below.

All members of the CAT Facility staff will be in the lab on a daily basis, with the exception of the Associate Scientific Director who will come in as needed.

Mandatory PPE
Staff and users alike are required to wear a mask and gloves at all times while in the CAT Facility.

Social Distancing
The users will be working in an environment that respects the social distancing norms. The instruments are all spatially separated by at least 6′ – with one exception described below. We ask our users to keep appropriate distance between each other.

We recognize that users have varying degrees of comfort regarding social distancing. We recommend all of our users act in order to offer the most space to everyone while moving around the facility.

CAT Facility Capacity
The UoC guidelines limit the number of personnel in a laboratory to 50% of its full capacity. For the CAT Facility, it will mean that the number of users will be restricted to:
– All of the benchtop instruments in the BSLC R022 main facility can be use simultaneously (with exception of the Image Stream MarkII)
– 1 person in the BSLC R022 cell sorting room
– 1 person in the S301 Satellite Facility in the Billings Hospital
– Access to the Mass Cytometer in the PME space limited to the CAT Facility staff.

At this time, all the instruments will remain available to the users with the exception of these two instruments which will remain offline:
– The Accuri C6 due to social distancing constraints

Access control through the iLab scheduler
Users can schedule time normally on the iLab online scheduler.

The instruments are all separated by 6′, with the exception of the Image Stream MarkII. Usage of this instrument is contingent on having neighboring instrument (the Fortessa 4-15 and the Aurora-Green) unused. Contact the staff to get assistance in blocking these instruments.

We are limiting instrument access to one user per machine. There will be no exceptions made.

A common area has been set up away from the instruments to allow users to empty the waste tank, get sheath from the carboys, and get beads and reagents from the common refrigerator.

Floor plan

Instruments Sanitation and Maintenance
The CAT Facility will spray 70% ETOH on the instrument workstations every hour. This includes the desk surface, keyboard and mouse, and instruments controls.

Each instrument has its own bottles for maintenance, so the users should not have to move between stations to get reagents. A 70% ETOH spray bottle will also be available for each instrument.

Cell Sorting
The CAT Facility will continue operating using the cell sorting protocol developed during the shutdown. It goes as follow:

  • Once you have booked your time on a cell sorter, send the CAT Facility a .pdf of what your data should look like and how you want it to be gated.
  • When you arrive in the facility, leave your samples at the door. A cart is available for that purpose. The staff will pick it up and set up the instrument for you. You should not approach the operator within 6’.
  • If you can’t provide us with a .pdf, or if gates need to be adjusted, let the operator know. He will set up a Zoom meeting with you so that you can make the necessary corrections from your own lab or cell phone.
  • Once the sort has started, you should return to your lab.
  • At the end of the sort, your samples will be left back on the cart and you will be notified by email or phone.

While only one user can be in the cell sorting room at a time, the CAT Facility staff may be able to run multiple cell sorters at the same time. Contact the staff to see if that is possible for you.

Biohazards Management
The CAT Facility is equipped to handle BSL1 material. This means that any human samples will need to be fixed before being brought to the laboratory. There are two exceptions:
– Unfixed human samples from non-COVID-19 infected patients can be sorted on the BDFACSAria Fusion
– Unfixed human samples from COVID-19 infected patients can be sorted on the MACSQuant Tyto only.

Training and Support
Training and support will be provided through Zoom. The Zoom software has been installed on all of the workstations. Contact the CAT Facility for technical help.

Similarly, training on all instruments (including BD sorters) will be done through Zoom meetings and recordings available on our website.

If the on-site staff need to get to the instrument to resolve an issue, measures will be taken so that the user and the staff member remain 6′ apart.


These measures are put in place to ensure a safe working environment. The users must respect these measures at all times.

Any concerns can be communicated to the CAT Facility staff, or the CAT Technical Director. You can also place a report directly to UCAIR.