11/13 Ethan Waddell

PhD Student, EALC

 “Loose Harmonies in Cold War South Korea: Sin Chung-hyŏn and the Rise of Psychedelic Rock”

Photo citation: Sin Chung-hyŏn and the Pearl Sisters on the cover of the magazine Popular songs (Taejung kayo che 41-chip, [1969])

Time: Friday, November 13, 3-5 pm CT

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The Art and Politics of East Asia (APEA) workshop is proud to host Ethan Waddell, (Ph.D. student, EALC), who will present his paper, “Loose Harmonies in Cold War South Korea: Sin Chung-hyŏn and the Rise of Psychedelic Rock this Friday. He summarizes his paper as follows:

This paper explores the aesthetics and conditions for reception and production of South Korean psychedelic rock between 1968-1975, focusing on the genre’s primary figure, Sin Chung-hyŏn (1938-). I consider psychedelic music in an emergent youth culture, specifically in relation to the discovery of tradition, pursuit of dissociation and commodification of sex. In this way I hope to cast a wider spectrum for analysis of rock music defined as psychedelic and other contemporaneous texts from popular literature and media, allowing us to move beyond dominant formations of masculinity and essentialized notions of culture that have often gone overlooked in the discourse of hybrid rock authenticity.

Please contact Jiayi Zhu (jiayizhu@uchicago.edu) and Sophia Walker (scwalker2@uchicago.edu) if you have any questions or concerns.
Jiayi and Sophia, Co-coordinators, Art and Politics of East Asia Workshop



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