The Music, Language, and Culture Workshop

May 17th – Gregory Savarimuthu


Please join us for the Ethnoise! workshop this Thursday, May 17th at 4:30, in Goodspeed Hall room 205.  We are excited to welcome Dr. Gregory Savarimuthu, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Anthropology at Kannur University in Kerala, India, as he presents: 


“Aesthetics, Expressive culture and Indigenous Communities: A Bottom-up Perspective on Development”


Discussant:  Kaley Mason, Assistant Professor of Music, University of Chicago



The term ‘aesthetics’ has been subjected to philosophical discourse since ancient times. It has been understood differently and its nature has been expounded differently by different scholars. In most discourses, the close association between nature and aesthetics has been obvious though there may be differences in the details of its manifestation. Since the tribal people have been known for their symbiotic relationship with nature in their traditions and culture, eco-aesthetics with reference to the tribal people has a special significance and relevance. The present paper looks into this dimension and analyses its implication in the modern society, particularly with reference to development.


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