Faculty Development

OFA offers regular programming which include workshops and seminars that provide career development opportunities. From developing social media communications strategies to improving grant writing skills to leadership training.  Programming is aimed to support faculty at all stages of their careers.  Please follow the links below to see our portfolio of programming.

Women's Programming

The Office of Faculty Affairs hosts a variety of speakers that relate to women’s issues and offer insight into specific challenges women face in academia as well as offering advice and tools to navigate the climate.


This series features seminars and workshops on aspects of scholarship and research, including scientific writing, communicating the value of your work, learning more about department of defense funding, and best practices for securing foundation funding.

BSD Senior Leadership Academy

A 9 month course focused on advancing knowledge, tools and resources senior
faculty need to lead effectively in the complex research, educational and health care environment of the Biological Sciences Division.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning sessions are facilitated by a Certified Financial Planner and include financial goal setting, foundations of investing, supplemental retirement planning, long term care planning, as well as preparing for retirement.

Lunch with Leadership

The Lunch with Leadership series provides faculty groups with opportunities to meet with Division, University of Chicago Medical Center, and University leadership in an informal setting.

Promotions Series

Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs and highlights resources available to BSD and SOM track faculty preparing for reappointment or  promotion.

Faculty Development Across the University

Additional faculty development opportunities are available to BSD faculty across the BSD, UCMC, and the University.

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