Distinguished Faculty Awards – Previous Award Winners

Since 2011, the Faculty Advisory Committee has been honoring fellow faculty members for their contributions to our collective missions of excellence in education, research, diversity and inclusion, program innovation, service to the community and patient care.

Distinguished Investigator

2011 Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, MD, PhD Pediatrics and Microbiology
2011 Molly Przeworski, PhD Human Genetics and Ecology & Evolution
2011 Donald F. Steiner, MD Medicine and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2012 Joel Collier, PhD Surgery
2012 Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD Obstetrics and Gynecology
2013 David Freedman, PhD Neurobiology
2013 Nancy Cox, PhD Human Genetics and Medicine
2014 Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD Public Health Sciences
2014 Jonathan Staley, PhD Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
2014 Joseph Piccirilli, PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Chemistry
2015 Paul Sereno Organismal Biology & Anatomy
2015 Sliman Bensmaia Organismal Biology & Anatomy
2016 Marcus Kronforst, PhD Ecology & Evolution
2016 Michael Rust, PhD MGCB
2016 Gajewski, MD, PhD Medicine, Pathology and Ben May
2017 D. Allan Drummond, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2017 Joy Bergelson, PhD Ecology & Evolution
2018 Jane Churpek, MD Medicine
2018 Stefano Allesina, PhD Ecology & Evolution
2019 Demet Araç-Özkan, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2019 Matthew Stephens, PhD Human Genetics
2020 Hae Kyung Im, PhD Medicine
2020 Manyuan Long, PhD Ecology & Evolution
2020 Lucy Godley, MD, PhD Medicine / Human Genetics
2021 A. Murat Eren, PhD Medicine (GI)
2021 Maryellen Giger, PhD Radiology
2022 Yingming Zhao, PhD Cancer Research
2022 Bhakti Patel, MD Medicine
2023 Paschalis Kratsios, PhD Neurobiology
2023 Carole Ober, PhD Human Genetics

Distinguished Clinician

2011 Olwen Hahn, MD Medicine
2011 Michael O’Connor, MD Anesthesia and Critical Care
2012 Bree Andrews, MD Pediatrics
2012 Donald Liu, MD, PhD Surgery and Pediatrics
2013 Fuad Baroody, MD Surgery and Pediatrics
2013 Kerstin Stenson, MD Surgery
2014 Jay Koyner, MD Medicine
2014 John Anastasi, MD Pathology
2014 Lawrence Gottlieb, MD Surgery
2015 Blase Polite, MD, MPP Medicine
2015 Aytekin Oto, MD Radiology and Surgery
2016 Grace Mak, MD Surgery
2016 Gini Gleming, MD Medicine
2016 Mahmoud Ismail, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
2017 Kamala Cotts, MD Medicine
2017 Edward Garrity, MD Medicine
2017 Wendy Stock, MD Medicine
2018 Mustafa Hussain, MD Surgery
2018 Joyce Tang, MD Medicine
2018 Mitchell Posner, MD Surgery
2019 Trissa Babrowksi, MD Surgery
2019 Kathleen Mullane, DO, PharmD Medicine
2020 Chih-Yi Liao, MD Medicine
2020 Grace Chong, MD Pediatrics
2020 Tracy Koogler, MD Pediatrics
2021 Osman Ahmed, MD Radiology
2021 Lauren Gleason, MD Medicine (Geriatrics)
2021 John Hart, MD Pathology
2021 Carol Semrad, MD Medicine (GI)
2022 Brian Funaki, MD Radiology
2022 Allison Bartlett, MD Pediatrics
2023 Andrea Shogan, MD Surgery
2023 Catherine Harth, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

Distinguished Leader in Program Innovation

2011 John F. McConville, MD Medicine
2011 Tobin Sosnick, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2012 Andrew Artz, MD, Medicine
2012 Eduardo Perozo, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2013 Dana Suskind, MD Surgery
2013 Betty Theriault, DVM Surgery
2013 Joseph Kanabrocki, PhD Microbiology
2015 Ken Nunes, MD Surgery
2015 Mohan Gundeti, MD Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics
2015 Alexander Langerman, MD Surgery
2016 Emily Landon, MD Medicine
2016 Victoria Prince, PhD OBA
2016 William Dale, MD, PhD Medicine
2017 Megan Huisingh-Scheetz, MD Medicine
2017 Katherine Thompson, MD Medicine
2017 Cathryn Nagler Pathology
2018 Stephanie Palmer, PhD Organismal Biology & Anatomy
2018 Jonathan Paul, MD Medicine
2018 Roderick Tung, MD Medicine
2019 Valerie Press, MD, MPH Medicine
2019 Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH Surgery
2020 Jessica Donington, MD Surgery
2020 Amber Trueheart, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
2020 Emily Landon, MD Medicine
2020 Kimberly Stanford, MD, MPH Medicine
2021 Xavier Keutgen, MD Surgery (General)
2021 Chalongchai Phitsanuwong, MD Pediatrics
2021 Husam Balkhy, MD Surgery (Cardiac)
2021 Anna Zisman, MD Medicine (Nephrology)
2022 Sarosh Rana, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
2022 Tia Kostas, MD Medicine
2023 Christina Ciaccio, MD Pediatrics
2023 Priti Jani, MD Pediatrics


Distinguished Leader in Diversity & Inclusion

2014 William McDade, MD, PhD Anesthesia and Critical Care
2015 Nancy Schwartz Pediatrics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2016 John Schneider, MD, MPH Medicine
2017 Sonia Kupfer, MD Medicine
2017 Monica Vela, MD Medicine
2018 Rochelle Naylor, MD Pediatrics
2018 Karen Kim, MD, MS Medicine
2019 Kenneth Bader, PhD Radiology
2019 Jeffrey Matthews, MD Surgery
2020 Bryan Smith, MD Medicine
2020 Brian Williams, MD Surgery
2021 Chelsea Dorsey, MD Surgery (Vascular)
2021 Matthew Kaufman, PhD Organismal Biology
2021 Mary Eileen Dolan, PhD Medicine (HONC)
2021 Christine Babcock, MD Medicine (Emergency)
2022 Monica Peek, MD Health Justice
2022 Sarah Faris, MD Surgery
2023 Ayodeji Adegunsoye, MD Medicine
2023 Keme Carter, MD Medicine

Distinguished Educator and Leader

2011 David Kovar, PhD Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
2011 Michael Marcangelo, MD Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
2011 Edwin “Chip” Ferguson, PhD Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
2011 Joel Schwab, MD Pediatrics
2012 Jerome Klafta, MD, Anesthesiology and Critical Care
2012 Michael LaBarbera, PhD Organismal Biology and Anatomy
2013 Lianne Kurina, PhD Public Health Sciences
2013 Peggy Mason, PhD Neurobiology
2013 Vineet Arora, MD Medicine
2013 Marshall Chin, MD, MPH Medicine
2013 Javad Hekmatpanah, MD Surgery and Neurology
2014 Callum Ross, PhD Organismal Biology and Anatomy
2014 Mary Strek, MD Medicine
2014 Mark Siegler, MD Medicine and Surgery
2015 Phoebe Rice Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2015 Kevin Roggin Surgery
2015 Keme Carter, MD Medicine
2016 Adam Cifu, MD Medicine
2016 William Meadow, MD, PhD Pediatrics
2016 M. Eileen Dolan, PhD Medicine
2017 Lolita (Maria) Alkureishi, MD Pediatrics
2017 John Alverdy, MD Surgery
2017 Dorothy Hanck, PhD Medicine
2018 Wei Wei Lee, MD, MPH Medicine
2018 Diane Lauderdale, PhD Public Health Sciences
2019 Shannon Martin, MD Medicine
2019 Rakesh Navuluri, MD Radiology
2019 Erin Adams, PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2020 Russell Reid, MD, PhD Surgery
2020 Thomas Krausz, MD Pathology / Medicine
2020 David Pitrak, MD Medicine
2020 Tia Kostas, MD Medicine
2021 Nicola Orlov, MD Pediatrics
2021 Mark Siegler, MD Medicine (General IM)
2021 Jeanne Fernan, MD Medicine (Hospitalist)
2022 Stacie Levine, MD Medicine
2022 Daniel Golden, MD Radiation & Cellular Oncology
2023 James Ahn, MD Medicine
2023 Fuad Baroody, MD Surgery

Distinguished Community Service and Advocacy

2011 Doriane C. Miller, MD Medicine
2012 Monica Peek, MD, MPH Medicine
2012 Karen Kim, MD Medicine
2013 Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH Medicine
2013 Daniel Johnson, MD Pediatrics
2014 Monica Vela, MD Medicine
2015 Jill Glick, MD Pediatrics
2017 Anna Volerman, MD Medicine and Pediatrics
2017 Brad Stolbach, PhD Pediatrics
2018 Shellie Williams, MD Medicine
2018 Deborah Burnet, MD Medicine and Pediatrics
2019 Mai Tuyet Pho, MD Medicine
2019 Rita Rossi-Foulkes, MD Medicine
2020 Oluwakemi Onajin, MD Medicine
2020 Stacy Lindau, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
2021 Elizabeth Tung, MD Medicine (General IM)
2021 Katherine Thompson, MD Medicine (Geriatrics)
2021 Tanya Zakrison, MD Surgery (Trauma)
2022 Dana Suskind, MD Surgery
2022 Sonya Dinizulu, PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
2023 Aniruddha Hazra, MD Medicine
2023 Marion Henry, MD Surgery

Francis Straus Mentorship Award

2017 John Kress, MD Medicine
2017 Matthew Brady, PhD Medicine
2018 John Alverdy, MD Surgery
2018 Catherine Pfister, PhD Ecology & Evolution
2019 Vineet Arora, MD , MAPP Medicine
2019 Stephen Kron, MD, PhD Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
2020 Stacie Levine, MD Medicine
2020 Anne Sperling, PhD Medicine
2021 Ralph Weichselbaum, MD Radiation and Cellular Oncology
2021 Anita Chong, PhD Surgery (Transplant)
2022 Victoria Prince, PhD Organismal Biology and Anatomy
2022 Nicole Cipriani, MD Pathology
2023 Wendy Stock, MD Medicine

Michael Reese Lectureship

2018 Tara Henderson, MD, MPH Pediatrics
2019 Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH Obstetrics and Gynecology
2020 Candice Norcott, PhD Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
2021 Michelle Le Beau, PhD Medicine (HONC)
2022 David Rubin, MD Medicine
2023 Richard Larson, MD Medicine