Distinguished Investigator Award

Nominations for the 2024 Distinguished Faculty Awards cycle have closed.

The objective of this award is to recognize highly talented members of our faculty for research excellence. Each faculty may nominate one junior and one senior faculty member in this category. Current elected members of the Faculty Advisory Committee are ineligible; see list of members here.


  • One Junior Faculty Award: Instructors, Assistant Professors, early Associate Professors (4yrs or less)
  • One Senior Faculty Award: Late Associate (more than 4 years) or Full Professors


  • Individuals are to be nominated for outstanding research contributions in science.
  • Nominee must be a current member of the employed (non-voluntary) faculty at the University of Chicago and hold their primary appointment in a BSD department.
  • The achievements for which the candidate is being nominated must have occurred while a faculty member at the University of Chicago.
  • While the body of work is important, the committee will primarily focus on accomplishments during the past 4 years.

Current elected members of the Faculty Advisory Committee are ineligible; see list of members here.



Nomination Requirements

Nominee’s CV

    • Highlighted with activities and achievements that are relevant to this award
    • Highlighted to indicate their five (junior rank) or 10 (senior rank) best publications.

Nomination Letter (250-500 words) stating the basis for the nomination that may include:

    • Quantity and quality of publications
    • NIH awards or equivalent
    • Extramural funding from private foundation or industry
    • Leadership in Clinical trials
    • Patents generating licensing income, including revenue estimates
    • Grant Review board or Study section participation
    • Contributions to journals as editorial board members
    • National or international invited talks
    • Advisory Board member to national or international organizations
    • Planning Committee for national or international organizations


Previous Award Winners


Carole Ober, PhD Blum-Riese Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Genetics

Paschalis Kratsios, PhD Associate Professor of Neurobiology


Yingming Zhao, PhD, Professor in the Ben May Department of Cancer Research

Bhakti Patel, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

  • A. Murat Eren, PhD, Medicine (GI)
  • Maryellen Giger, PhD, Radiology
2011 - 2020

  • Lucy Godley, MD, PhD, Medicine
  • Hae Kyung Im, PhD, Medicine
  • Manyuan Long, PhD, Ecology and Evolution


  • Demet Araç-Özkan, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Matthew Stephens, PhD, Human Genetics and Statistics


  • Jane Churpek, MD, Medicine
  • Stefano Allesina, PhD, Ecology and Evolution


  • D. Allan Drummond, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Joy Bergelson, PhD, Ecology and Evolution


  • Marcus Kronforst, PhD, Ecology and Evolution
  • Michael Rust, PhD, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
  • Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD, Medicine, Pathology and the Ben May Department for Cancer Research


  • Sliman Bensmaia, PhD, Organismal Biology & Anatomy
  • Paul Sereno, PhD, Organismal Biology & Anatomy


  • Dezheng Huo, MD, PhD, Public Health Sciences
  • Jonathan Staley, PhD, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
  • Joseph Piccirilli, PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Chemistry


  • David Freedman, PhD, Neurobiology
  • Nancy Cox, PhD, Human Genetics and Medicine


  • Joel Collier, PhD, Surgery
  • Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD, Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, MD, PhD, Pediatrics and Microbiology
  • Molly Przeworski, PhD, Human Genetics and Ecology & Evolution
  • Donald F. Steiner, MD, Medicine and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Nomination Submission Process

  1. Complete the Google form to notify us of your nomination HERE:https://forms.gle/DyNAKH2DPyq5SgZ58
  2. Upload all required materials HERE https://uchicago.app.box.com/f/0e2dcf68c4e6497689357768e8ba6cf3