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Spectroflo 3.1 released and installed

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Announcements, Software | 0 comments

Cytek released an updated version of the Spectroflo acquisition software and we had it installed successfully on the Auroras in our facility. We’re now at Spectroflo 3.1.0! Welcome to the future. Users can expect some minor improvements including:

  • Increased max number of events recorded to 20 million events
  • Export plots in SVG format
  • No more warmup clock – you should still give 30min when you first turn on the instrument in the morning
  • Faster experiment export
  • Improved bubble and clog detection – better at handling flow rates variations
  • Support live unmixing on duplicated experiments – no need to run unmixing wizard again
  • Peak channel better recognition

More information is available in the release notes, let me know if you want to have a look at it.

The PME Aurora does not have the new version of Spectroflo yet, we’re scheduling a service engineer visit to make this happen. It’s a thing with older version of the plate autosampler…


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